A Journey of Discovery is for the individual who is longing for deeper meaning and purpose in their life within a
small group, specialty travel tour or trip. An extraordinary travel experience that speaks to their spirit and touches
their soul. Whether it be at mystical, spiritual sacred sites in Peru, on a dolphin swim, exploring Africa or
meditating on a healing retreat in Belize, Ireland or France. All of these life-changing experiences made available
to them within the context of personalized small group, specialty travel that takes you off the beaten path.

Experience the beauty of nature on a wildlife tour and companionship of creatures great and small on an
eco-travel adventure. Travel to ancient sacred sites where you can still feel an "energetic aura", the spiritual
wisdom of the ancients surrounding you. Spend time with local people and learn
about their culture and beliefs,
and enjoy some
fabulous shopping at local markets and boutique shops!

Combine this with fun, laughter, great food, wonderful accommodations, and exciting new friendships with other
creative, like-minded kindred spirit's and you have the trip of a lifetime!
Maasai Tribe Kenya
Toucan Costa Rica
Delphi Greece
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
Mind, Body, Spirit Travel Adventures
An Outer Discovery Adventure.....An Inner Journey for Your Soul!
photo Tom Conlin

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Journeys of Discovery Mind, Body, Spirit Travel and Retreats

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With Jenniffer Weigel, journalist, author, reporter, TV anchor and Spiritual Adventurist!

Re-connect with your own purpose, passion and power as you explore the
Heart and Soul of ancient Greece and enchanting Santorini!
Are you in the process of discovering your soul’s divine purpose? Perhaps you’re re-creating
and re-designing your life? Maybe you’re drawn to explore sacred places with healing energies
that have been around for centuries?
Join Jenniffer Weigel and other enlightened, kindred-spirits as she guides you on the path
to the timeless legends of ancient Greece and enchanting Sanrotini.

Explore the Wild with Gayle Lawrence, Journeys of Discovery

Join me on a private guided tour and explore the Wild Places in Grand Teton and Yellowstone
National Parks as we ventureoff the beaten trail and see parts of the parks most visitor’s never see.

The magnificent mountains of Grand Teton National Park are a young range of old pre-Cambrian
granite, abrupt and sharp-edged as they knife up from the Snake River valley. Grand Teton is a
Masterpiece, with shimmering lakes, thick forests, and towering peaks blanketed with snow.

Yellowstone, our first national park still holds the allure and vast Wildness that speaks to the Soul.
Explore Yellowstone listening for the howl of the wolf, looking for bears and buffalo, elk and eagles
and other wild creatures who cross your path.
THE COLORFUL CULTURE OF CUBA          April 3 - 7, 2019
    Art, Music, Dance, Spirituality
                    With Susan Duval Seminars
Cuba, a subject of mystery, fascination and deliberation for decades has been forbidden
to American travelers – until recently.   We are pleased to offer you an exceptional opportunity
to visit Cuba on a remarkable 5-day spiritual and cultural exploration. In this people-to-people
exchange, you will discover how the spiritual practice of Santeria was derived from Yoruba and
how it is practiced and celebrated in Cuba. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, attend traditional
music and dance performances, eat at exceptional private paladars (restaurants), and meet the
locals to learn about the present day life and culture of this fascinating country.
With Susan Duval - Susan Duval Seminars...Susan's 2nd group tour to Greece!

Join Susan Duval – Susan Duval Seminars, and other like-minded souls as you nourish
mind, body and spirit on a magical journey to explore the Splendors of ancient Greece!
The timeless legends of the Aegean Islands evoke the adventures of Homers heroes, while
lively harbors and charming towns showcase today’s vibrant Greek culture.  Here, dazzling
white-washed villages and lively ports serve as a backdrop to classical archaeological sites
that have continued to lure travelers and scholars since ancient times. The Acropolis, perched
on a high hill in the center of Athens is stunning. The mystical mountains of Greece hold the
mysteries of the Oracle at Delphi and many other extraordinary sites. The food is fabulous,
the local folks friendly, Ancient Sacred Sites energetically powerful and the sunsets on Santorini
are incredibly spectacular!