A Journey of Discovery is for the individual who is longing for deeper meaning and purpose in their life within a
small group, specialty travel tour or trip. An extraordinary travel experience that speaks to their spirit and touches
their soul. Whether it be at mystical, spiritual sacred sites in Peru, on a dolphin swim, exploring Africa or
meditating on a healing retreat in Belize, Ireland or France. All of these life-changing experiences made available
to them within the context of personalized small group, specialty travel that takes you off the beaten path.

Experience the beauty of nature on a wildlife tour and companionship of creatures great and small on an
eco-travel adventure. Travel to ancient sacred sites where you can still feel an "energetic aura", the spiritual
wisdom of the ancients surrounding you. Spend time with local people and learn
about their culture and beliefs,
and enjoy some
fabulous shopping at local markets and boutique shops!

Combine this with fun, laughter, great food, wonderful accommodations, and exciting new friendships with other
creative, like-minded kindred spirit's and you have the trip of a lifetime!
Maasai Tribe Kenya
Toucan Costa Rica
Delphi Greece
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
photo Tom Conlin
Mind, Body, Spirit Travel Adventures
An Outer Discovery Adventure.....An Inner Journey for Your Soul!
photo Tom Conlin

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WILD DOLPHIN SWIM and Retreat Bimini Bahamas     July 15 - 20, 2018
With Susan Duval....this will be Susan's 7th year with the Bimini dolphins!

Dolphin swim retreat workshop with facilitator Susan Duval. Imagine a week filled with bright sun,
deliciously warm sea and spirited friendly wild dolphins! Morning retreat time with Susan will focus
on how to connect with the dolphins on a physical and energetic level. Susan will teach some simple
energy exercies to help you center and open to the human dolphin connection. You'll have the
opportunity for daily swims with these intelligent, intuitive, loving creatures as we allow them to teach
us about joyful living and creative freedom. Rest, restore and rejuvenate your Spirit on the pristine, mystical
island of Bimini Bahamas

HUMPBACK WHALE ENCOUNTERS, Silver Bank, Dominican Republic       
    Booking now for the 2019 humpback whale season
    Register Now....this trip books full a year in advance!

Early spring, with tropical breezes and warm Caribbean waters of the Silver Bank, on this eco-travel adventure,
a select few travelers will have the incredible opportunity to get very up close and personal with one of natures
most captivating creatures the Humpback Whale. This amazing wildlife experience where you are actually be in
the water, eye-to-eye with humpback whales! This rare opportunity will truly touch your heart and speak to
your soul.
Upcoming Journeys of Discovery Mind, Body, Spirit Travel and Retreats
PERU, MACHU PICCHU with Mary Lee LaBay July 9 - 17, 2016

Peru is a place that calls to the heart of those who are ready for a spiritual awakening. It is said that
a Journey to Peru is a journey to find yourself. This custom, small group tour will focus on the inner
power within each person as we spend time at ancient temples, mystical sacred sites and the crystal city in the
clouds, Machu Picchu. Travel and share the journey with like-minded people who are on a personal and
spiritual quest. In this mystical land deep inner knowledge awakens as you are surrounded by the soft
beautiful energy of the Apus, spirits of the Andes mountains, valleys, rivers, ancient energetic sites, and
the gentle hearts of the Peruvian people. This beautiful land is steeped in magic and mystery, and in
Machu Picchu you can hear the voices of the ancient ones in the wind.
Journeys of Discovery Mind, Body, Spirit Travel and Retreats

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Canyon de Chelly AZ, Chaco Canyon NM, Mesa Verde CO and other Native American Sacred Sites
    With Gayle Lawrence Journeys of Discovery Travel and Susan Duval

Join Gayle Lawrence and Susan Duval as we expand our Hearts, Souls and Spirits on a magical adventure to the
American Southwest and the Navajo culture. Exploring these mystical places takes you deep into that inner landscape
that affirms we are all part of something much greater than ourselves. The expansive vistas from atop a mesa that
appear to stretch to the edge of the earth take us back to a time when living on the land was the Ancient Anasazi peoples
way of life. The Navajo Nation covers over 27,000 square miles of unparalleled beauty, is home to more than a dozen
national monuments, tribal parks, historical sites, and is peppered with lakes and ponds.  The Navajo people, or Diné,
relate to the land as their mother and believe they're an extension of Mother Earth and a part of her beauty. Because of
this belief, the Diné treat the land with the utmost respect. We will be captivated by the Navajo stories of creation,
the animals as spirit messengers and their reverence and deep personal bond with all life.

Costa Rica is a place of peace and renewal; filled with millions of animal species and flora and fauna that you’ll find no
place else on earth. Meet wild and wondrous creatures and experience unique hands-on, very personal intimate animal
connections. With Danielle's guidance, you will explore how intimate and personal, heart-centered animal connections
impact your life.
CALL OF THE WILD DOLPHINS ISLAND RETREAT Bimini, Bahamas   August 19 - 24, 2018
With author and animal communicator - Danielle MacKinnon
    Danielle's 3rd year with the Bimini Wild Dolphins

Are you ready to dive into the world of deep connection with wild dolphins and other marine life?
Danielle MacKinnon’s “Call of the Wild Dolphins Island Retreat” will offer you a rich Soul-Level experience of
animal connection and transformative experience. Danielle will share what she’s learned from her almost two
decades of experience intuitively connecting with animals of all species at the physical AND most importantly,
the Soul-Level to help you have the most enriching, awe-inspiring experience with the wild dolphins of that you
possibly can.
With musician, artist and visionary J Brave and Peruvian Medicine Woman Xochitl Ashe.

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey as we experience one of the most sacred places left in
the entire world. This is your introduction into the teachings of the Andean people of the
Sacred Valley of Peru, a place that beckons those who are ready for a spiritual awakening. It is
said that a Journey to Peru has the potential to reinvigorate your intentions, and amplify your
life’s purpose. This custom, small group tour with workshops and ceremonies, will be a rite of
passage for each person as they are guided through a series of ancient temples and Incan
sites. A deep inner knowledge will awaken as you are surrounded by the soft beautiful energy
of the Apus; spirits of the Andes Mountains. We will be exploring beautiful valleys, meandering
rivers, and wondrous landscapes as we connect with the gentle hearts of the Peruvian people.
This beautiful land is steeped in magic and mystery, and in Machu Picchu you can feel the presence
of the ancient ones in the wind. Fifth generation medicine woman, Xochitl Ashe, and internationally
touring musician and visionary, J Brave, will guide you on this spiritual adventure of Initiation.