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       Journeys of Discovery Presents
  Experience Wolves & Other Wondrous Creatures
          Feb. 15 – 19, 2015

    Animal and Nature Communication Workshop
      With author and animal communicator, Mary J. Getten
    Seacrest Wolf Preserve       Chipley, Florida  

Day 1 – Feb 15, 2014 - Sunday – Arrive Chipley, Florida / check into the Quality Inn.

Panama City, FL airport is a 1 hour drive to Chipley and Tallahassee is only 1 hr and 20 minutes. Evening group meet and greet
time with Mary and Gayle, orientation and get to know your fellow workshop participants.

Day 2 – Feb 16 - Monday - Morning Workshop at the hotel. 8:30 – 12:30 pm    Florida Caverns State Park

Introduction to telepathic animal and nature communication.
Lunch on your own.  
Depart at 2pm to nearby Florida Caverns State Park for a private group tour of these incredible underground caverns. Practice
using the tools we learned to connect with the rocks, water, crystals and the small gentle bats that live there.

Dinner on your own.

Evening Workshop 7pm - 9pm. Connecting with wolves and all animals. More exercises, tools and techniques for our first meeting
with the Seacrest wolves and small animals the following day.

Day 3 – Feb 17 - Tuesday – Breakfast at the hotel. Leave for Seacrest Wolf Preserve 8:00 am

Staff presentation about the wolves and proper “wolf protocol” to meet them. We will have several hours for hands on, private time
with 3 different wolf packs and the small animals. Using the tools we have learned, we’ll practice our telepathic communication with
the animals and see what messages they have to share with us. A Seacrest photographer will be taking photos of our group
interacting with the wolves and other animals. After our animal encounters, we’ll have time to visit the Seacrest Gift Shop which is
filled with “all things Wolf” and a variety of other unique animal related gift items.

Return to the hotel / Dinner on your own

Evening Workshop: 7pm-9pm  Mary will share more tools and techniques to deepen our communication with the wolves and other
animals as we prepare for our 2nd day at Seacrest.

Day 4 – Feb 18  -Wednesday – Breakfast at the hotel. Leave for Seacrest Wolf Preserve 8:00 am

Another day at Seacrest for our 2nd encounter with the wolves and small animals. Afterward, Mary will facilitate some group
discussion to share our experiences and spend some time to enjoy the beautiful Seacrest grounds. You can walk the nature trail
that leads to a gazebo for some quiet time, visit the gift shop again, or observe and share more time with the wolves from outside
their enclosure.
Dinner on your own
Closing workshop: 7pm-9pm  Connecting with animals at a distance and group discussion.

Day 5 – Feb 19 - Thursday – Breakfast at the hotel. Departure Day

Return to your home city or extend your stay in Florida and visit other area attractions.
Swim with the manatees at Crystal River, visit Orlando and Disney World, canoe, hike or enjoy nature walks at nearby Florida
Caverns State park or Falling Waters State park. Perhaps spend a few days exploring nearby Panama City and Destin or soaking
up some sun on the white sand beach.

This workshop experience and animal encounter will be truly unique and offer the perfect support for each individual that attends.
Lasting and deep friendships with humans, wolves and other wondrous creatures will be made on this fantastic adventure.

        Can We Talk To Animals?

    Have you ever wondered whether humans can really talk to animals or nature, like rocks, trees,
    plants and Mother Earth herself? The answer is definitely Yes! Telepathic, or mind-to-mind
    communication is an ability we are all born with. As we develop speech at a very young age,
    humans become socialized out of this skill. All life forms are made of energy and connected by a
    vast web of energetic pathways; distance, and time and space are not barriers to communication
    with any species whether animal, rock or tree. Telepathic communication can be words or
    thoughts, images, feelings or subtle impressions and emotions. Mary’s workshop will give you the
    foundation to reawaken your natural telepathic skills not only with animals, but the consciousness
    of all life forms that surround us.  

Mary J. Getten: Since 1996, Mary’s work as a professional animal communicator has helped thousands of clients worldwide via
telephone consultations and group workshops understand and create more harmony with their own pets and other animal
species. Her passion is to open people to the intimate inner world of animals and nature. Mary has a very personal connection
with marine mammals which began in 1986 working at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, CA. She is the author of
Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective and a contributing writer in the book, Dolphins and Whales Forever,
released March 20, 2014. Mary currently resides in Florida and spends her time as an animal communication consultant, giving
lectures, conducting workshops and traveling.  
  Visit Mary's Website:

We will have 2 days at Seacrest Wolf Preserve “exclusively” for our private group! This once-in-a-lifetime experience offers
you hands-on, personal time with gray timber wolves and two white Artic wolves, Spirit Prince and his beautiful mate Teton.

    Gayle Lawrence with Seacrest Wolves Feb. 2014

Daily Workshop Itinerary:
Other Wondrous Creatures you will meet!     Lucy the Artic Fox, Gray Fox Meko,
Raccoons Cricket, Crackers and Bandit, Buttercup the skunk and SunnyHills Bill the groundhog.