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Enjoy the Best of  Belize
Rainforests, Ruins and
Wild Life Wonders
March 2 – 8, 2014
with Gayle Lawrence and
Intuitive Mastery Facilitator Joanie Ford
Tour Cost: $1,625.00 PP
Get your life back into balance, experience exquisite natural beauty and discover wild life wonders on the ultimate
nature lover’s trip to what may arguably be the world’s most diverse nature travel destination, Belize! It’s hard to
comprehend the wealth of wonders tucked inside this tiny country on the edge of the Yucatán Peninsula. You'll find
endless emerald-green rivers, home to an astounding number of bird and wildlife species. Primates forage amongst
mountains wrapped in colossal trees and forests. The screech of parrots and howler monkeys rings out through the
rainforest, where other exotic creatures travel through a tangle of bromeliads and orchids. The jungle then reveals
magnificent ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization, as well as a friendly melting-pot of cultural richness that combines
frontier-town thrill with modern environmental consciousness. Travelers will find a magical land that still belongs to the
rainforest and the sea…not to man; an untamed land that will touch you with awe and leave you gasping in wonder.
And when we tire of exploring—as if we could—the comfort and pleasures of our lovely jungle eco-lodge beckon us to
return to rest and reflect on this magical adventure.

The Maya believed that everything has a Soul…stones, stars, trees and even the journey…
             Come explore the Rainforests, Ruins and Reefs of their ancient world…..

Day 1:
Arrive at Belize International airport where a guide will be waiting to transfer you to duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge. If time
permits make a stop to visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary. Take a guided nature walk in the forest to learn about
the traditional medicinal uses of rainforest plants and to observe Black Howler monkeys in their natural habitat. The
Black Howler monkey and the spider monkey are 2 species found in Belize. The most remarkable trait of the howler
monkey is its loud, rasping howl, which can be heard roaring across the forest for well over a mile. You will certainly
hear this howl as you enter the sanctuary. Upon arrival at duPlooys Jungle Lodge relax and enjoy a welcome drink
before dinner. Dinner included   
duPlooys Jungle Lodge

Day 2:
No alarm clock is necessary for you’ll probably wake up to the early morning chortle (ruckus) of Chachalacas (aka:
bush chickens) just outside your window. After a hearty breakfast we’ll depart for the Mayan site of Cahal Pech which is
located on a hill overlooking the town of San Ignacio and sits within a serene jungle-type environment. The area is
home to many colorful birds and exotic plants, which also makes it a good place for Birders to visit. The on-site
museum is informative and contains a display of artifacts recovered by archeologists. The site consists of 34 structures
located around 7 courtyards and the tallest temple stands 77 feet high.

    After spending some time at Cahal Pech we’ll visit The Iguana Conservation Project
    where we will have the opportunity to have an up close encounter with the iguanas
    who are descendants of dinosaurs. We’ll learn about how vital they are to the
    ecological balance of the Macal River eco-system. This hands-on tour is both
    fun and educational with the iguana’s. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant and then
    take some time to explore San Ignacio town before heading back to the lodge for a
    delicious dinner.  B-L-D included

Day 3:
Breakfast. Early morning birding walk with a local guide and then a guided tour of
the Belize Botanic Gardens with an emphasis on the medicinal plants used by the
Maya. Afterwards try your hand at tortilla or tamale making on a Mayan wood fired
“fogon” and then enjoy eating what you have prepared as part of a typical Mayan
lunch. Afternoon is free to enjoy activities at the lodge, swimming, canoeing, tubing,
hike or take a nature walk.  Before dinner we’ll enjoy a talk about the local

Sunset marks the changing of worlds and the jungle really comes alive at night.
This evening we’ll have a guided night walk and listen to a symphony of night sounds.
We’re sure to see some fascinating nocturnal animal life that our guide will point out.
From the top of the Lookout Tower you have an unobstructed view of the night sky,
and are sure to be awed by the clarity and sheer number of stars and constellations
you can see.  B-L-D included

Day 4:
Full Day tour. It’s worth getting up early to join duPlooy’s bird guide on the deck as you can see many exotic species
while drinking your morning coffee or tea before breakfast. Our day’s adventure will begin at the Rio Frio Cave located
in the Mountain Pine Ridge area. If you are a little claustrophobic, this is the perfect cave for you as everything is BIG
in this cave!

    The two 65-foot arched entry ways leave you in awe. Huge stalactites hang from
    the massive cathedral-like vault, which is part of a cave system the Maya used to
    bury their dead. Room size boulders are strewn throughout the cave and a
    stream flows through, forming pools with cascading falls. Huge openings at both
    ends make flashlights unnecessary for viewing the cave's formations during
    daylight hours. There is a beach area with a foot bridge for crossing the stream
    and getting to the other side. It is a quarter mile through where you exit through
    another equally impressive cave opening.

After our cave adventure we’ll relax with a picnic lunch at Rio On Pools which are a continuous series of pools formed
by large granite boulders many of which are connected by small cascading waterfalls. The smooth surface of the
boulders make natural water slides and are a great place for a refreshing swim or a hike.

After our picnic at the pools, we’ll visit the Green Hills Butterfly Ranch nestled between lime stone hills covered with
lush vegetation. Here we will have a tour and delight in a flock of butterflies with colors from brilliant blue to gorgeous
orange, dazzling yellow to intriguing gray, all flying freely in a beautifully landscaped flight area.

The butterflies flit amongst tropical plants in a sunken garden with a lovely goldfish pond.
This butterfly farm boasts the biggest live butterfly collection in all of Belize. Along with the
butterflies they have a botanical collection which includes passionflowers, cycads, heliconia
and other plants that feed the butterflies. Green Hills is also renowned for its diversity of
birds and over the past decade 230 bird species have been recorded on their 100 acres
of land!     B-L-D included

    Day 5:
    Today is a free day to do as you please and choose your own optional
    local excursions. Each activity requires at least 4  guest’s and included in
    the cost of your trip, choose either 2 half day activities, 1 full day activity,
    or just 1 half day activity and then just relax or have a massage (extra
    cost). There are plenty of hiking trails to explore on your own,  relax on the
    beach and swim, canoe, tube on the river, ride horses or take a bicycle
    ride. All these lodge activities are available and included in your trip cost.
    (certain tours require an entrance fee or border crossing fee)

Day 6:
Half Day tour: Mayan site of Xunantunich (shoo-nahn-too-nitch)
Located close to San Ignacio town and sitting atop a limestone ridge across from the green crystalline waters of the
Mopan River and within sight of the Guatemala border, lies the largest Mayan ceremonial center in the Belize River
Valley, Xunantunich. A hand-cranked, mechanical ferry is used to carry visitors across the Mopan River, which is
located about a mile from the site. Its name means “Stone Woman” in the Maya language and, like many names given
to Maya archaeological sites, this is a modern name taken from local legend. It refers to the ghost of a woman claimed
by many local people to inhabit the site.

At 127 feet, the pyramid known as El Castillo is the
second tallest structure in Belize.  It’s a steep climb
but the view from the top is worth it. At one time its
frieze, a banded stucco decoration, extended around
the entire pyramid. Today only a small part of the
frieze remains which displays masks of the sun god flanked by signs of the moon, Venus and different days.We’ll enjoy
lunch at a local restaurant before returning to the lodge to enjoy the afternoon.
If you want more adventure today, you have the option to ride horses to visit Xunantunich. Saddle up and depart the
lodge at 8 am for a 2 hour ride. Enjoy the beauty of the country side as you ride to the Mayan village of Succotz; Cross
the Mopan River on a hand-cranked ferry, yep you ride the horses right onto the ferry and then ride onward and
upward the last mile to the site. Let the horses have a rest as you have a guided tour of these beautiful ruins. If you
are feeling a little “saddle sore” after lunch, your guide can arrange a taxi for you back to the lodge.  B-L-D included

Day 7:
After breakfast we must say goodbye to our jungle lodge home and return to Belize City for our flights home. We leave
the jungle with our mind, body and spirit refreshed by the energy of nature, our Soul nourished by the natural beauty
surrounding us and with a deeper appreciation for the magic of all life. We leave with a deeper connection to our inner
self and the simple truth’s that Mother Nature teaches.

    duPlooys Jungle Lodge Accommodations:

Belize River House - Macal and Mopan Suites: Our small, private group will have our own personal house, in a
quiet, serene area on the lodge property to enjoy together. The River House is divided into 2 suites with a total of 7
bedrooms (2 beds in each room), 4 large lovely bathrooms and 2 open area living rooms and 2 outdoor covered
porches to sit and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and jungle.

As this is an Eco-Lodge, there is no AC. Normally this is not a problem because the overhead jungle canopy and
cooling tropical rains keep rooms quite comfortable most of the year with just an overhead ceiling fan. Would you want
to miss out on the pleasure of falling asleep, lulled by the sounds of the nightly chorus of jungle background sounds?
Or waking up to the calls and songs of tropical birds that are all a part of an authentic jungle lodge experience?

Double and Single Rooms: are available in the Jungle Lodge withe private bath, slightly higher cost.
See details below.

Print Trip Itinerary

Print Registration Form Here

BELIZE Rainforests, Ruins and Wildlife
$1,625.00 per person

only 14 spaces available at this price in River House on a first come first serve basis
Price is based on a minimum of 14 guests in shared room River House
No single room option in River House

Shared rooms are available in the jungle lodge with private bath: $1,750.00
single room supplement in Jungle Lodge: $360.00

personally escorted by Gayle Lawrence - Journeys of Discovery
and Intuitive Mastery Facilitator Joanie Ford     

What is Included:        

Transfers to and from Belize City, Belize International Airport
Optional stop at the Belize Zoo or Howler Monkey sanctuary
(if time allows...depending on arrival or departure times)
6 nights accommodations in the River House, duPlooys Jungle Lodge
All meals with dinner on arrival day, through breakfast on departure day
Private group tours as listed in the trip itinerary
Choice of Activities & Tours on the free day
Private group workshop with Joanie Ford
Includes ALL Taxes & Service Charges

What is Not Included:

International airfare to Belize
Alcoholic beverages, beer, wine
Personal expenses, phone calls, laundry, room service etc.
Anything not specifically noted in the tour itinerary
border crossing fees
Tips to drivers and private guides        

For reservations and information please contact
Gayle Lawrence
Journeys of Discovery Travel

Email Gayle:

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    During our magical adventure in Belize, Joanie Ford will be facilitating a workshop based on Kathryn and Jean
    Harwig’s book, “Become a Psychic Wanderer – Expand Your Mind and Soul Through Travel”. Joanie will use
    the exercises from Kathryn and Jeans book to guide you to focus, get intuitive advice, and use your energy
    field for protection, and many more fun exercises. She will also lead the group in a Message Circle or channel
    for you one night. Joanie Ford is a Graduate of Kathryn Harwig’s “Intuitive Mastery Course” and has been
    facilitating her own Intuitive Mastery Circles since 2009 where she teaches exercises to strengthen, grow and
    experiment with your own intuition. Joanie also works with private clients for individual readings utilizing
    Palmistry, Tarot and Intuitive messages. If time permits during the trip, Joanie will be available for private
    readings. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher, One Command Practitioner, and has completed Level Two in Qigong.
    Joanie’s other spiritual  practices include Alchemy, meditation and dream studies. Kathryn Harwig and Joanie
    have been personal friends since 2004 and have traveled together on numerous trips over the years. Joanie is
    also an artist and has spent many hours with Kathryn and Jean using intuition to create with brush and paint.
    Join Joanie in Belize on a joyful journey where she will guide you to become your own “Psychic Wanderer”
Visit Joanies Website "Artwork and Beyond"

    All trip participants will receive a free copy of Kathryn and Jean Harwigs book,
    Become a Psychic Wanderer - Expand Your Mind and Soul Through Travel
          Visit Kathryn Harwigs website: