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Egypt 2012
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                                                                            Tour Daily Itinerary:
March 13, 2012  Tues. Day 1: Departure to Egypt  Depart your home city and arrive at JFK airport New York no later than 3:00 pm..We board our Egypt            
Air                         Egypt Air flight which departs at 6:30 p.m.Relax with dinner and movies during your 11 Cairo.

March 14 Wed. Day 2:  Arrive Cairo
Arrive in Cairo at noon. Tour representatives will greet us upon arrival in Cairo and assist us through customs, immigration, baggage claim
and handling. Our private motor-coach will take us to the beautiful 5 Star Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel, located in the shadow of the Pyramids.
A short walk takes you to the Giza plateau to marvel at the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Take some time to rest and freshen up before
enjoying a welcome dinner at our hotel. The group will have their first meeting before dinner to orient to the entire adventure and discuss
resonance with sacred places.  (Dinner)     
  Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel

March 15 Thur. Day 3: Saqqara and Dahshur
After breakfast enjoy a relaxing drive into the countryside to visit the pyramids at Sakkara and Dahshur. The Step Pyramid at Sakkara is considered by traditional
Egyptologists to be the earliest, prototypical pyramid and it is filled with tombs lying beneath the heaped mounds. As we enter the tombs, our guide will explain their
significance and decipher the stories told in the beautiful hieroglyphics lining its walls. At Dahshur, we see the newly reopened Bent and Red Pyramids.

    Then, after a leisurely lunch, we're off for a visit to a carpet factory where we will see the incredible artistry
    of Egyptian hand-made carpets, and of course, havethe opportunity to purchase some of these exquisite
    items.This evening you will enjoy one of the highlights of your tour, a traditional home-hosted Egyptian
    dinner with the Fayed family! There home is literally right across the street from the Sphinx where we have
    the best seat in the house to watch the famous evening Sound and Light show of the Great Pyramid and
    Sphinx! After dinner, the group will learn a powerful yet straightforward way to enter the hidden dimensions
    of reality to gain access to additional insights and knowledge. Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel       (Breakfast,
    Lunch, Dinner)

    March 16 Fri. Day 4:  Egyptian Museum / Old Cairo
    After breakfast check out of the hotel and begin our day by exploring The Egyptian Museum which houses the world’s largest collection of
    Pharonic relics. It is the world's densest concentration of ancient Egyptian artifacts and antiquities. Marvel at the enormous sarcophagi, statues,
    jewelry, and the magnificent golden master pieces of King Tut. After lunch we’ll proceed to Old Cairo which is truly a multi-faith area where
    Jewish, Coptic and Islamic monuments all stand next to one another.

    Here we will see the Hanging Church and the Ben Ezra synagogue, the Citadel of Saldine and Mohamed Ali’s Mosque. We should have some
    time to wander the narrow streets and alleys of the Khan El Kalili Bazaar where you can bargain
    with the shop keepers for some Egyptian treasure to take home. Or simply relax in one of the café’s
    sipping some strong Turkish coffee. This evening we fly from Cairo to Luxor, “the City of Palaces,”
    which holds two thirds of the world’s monuments and offers its visitors huge temples and colorful
    tombs. We check into our beautiful hotel which is located directly on the Nile.  
    Sonesta St.George Luxor Hotel  (Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner)

March 17 Sat. Day 5: Karnak Temple
After waking up to a beautiful view of the Nile from our hotel, we visit the Karnack Temple complex which is a vast open-air museum and one of the most amazing
places in all of Egypt. Karnak sits on 247 acres of land and is a group of temples surrounded by one enclosure wall that is dedicated to the god Amon-Ra. It is the
largest temple complex ever built by man and approximately 30 different pharaohs contributed to the buildings.

We’ll enjoy a delicious lunch in a local restaurant and then visit a papyrus shop where we learn ancient Egyptian paper
making techniques. We'll experience Egyptian artistry first-hand, and have a chance to purchase incredible Egyptian
papyrus. Before returning to the hotel we’ll stop at a fabulous jewelry shop that has some truly exquisite pieces.
The rest of the afternoon is free to explore on your own or rest and relax. Dinner at the hotel,  Sonesta St.George   
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    March 18 Sun. Day 6: Abydos and Dendara
    Today we start early, as we make our way north along the Nile to the Temple of Abydos, which many consider the most sacred
    temple in all of Egypt. Here, Seti I built an unusual temple dedicated to multiple gods and we will view some very famous,
    anachronistic carvings of helicopters, tanks and jet planes. Pharoah Seti I's temple was built on top of an earlier temple of very
    ancient, possibly Atlantean origins, called the Osirion. Located on one of the pillars of the Osirion are glyphs of the “Flower of

    After lunch, it’s on to the Hathor Temple of Dendara. The temple complex of Dendara is dedicated to one of the most beloved of
    the Egyptian deities, Hathor, Goddess of Love and Beauty. In this Temple we get to examine the famous Zodiac ceiling and the
    painted carvings of Nut (Goddess of the Sky) swallowing the solar disc at night and birthing it again each morning. Also in this
    temple we get a peek into esoteric Egyptian technology. We'll be taken to see some very unusual, hidden carvings that appear to
    depict a kind of electrical device powering an energy tube like light bulbs with serpent filaments. After dinner at the hotel, you
    may choose to cross the street and visit an amazing shop that has carpets and delicate embroidery made by Coptic nuns.   
    Sonesta St. George    (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

March 19 Mon. Day 7: Valley of the Kings and Hatshipsut Temple / evening Luxor Temple
This morning we check out of the hotel and later will board our luxurious 5 Star deluxe Nile Cruise ship, our home for
the next 4 nights. Cabins are airy with large windows facing the Nile. Before boarding our cruise ship, we’ll cross the Nile
to the west bank and visit the Valley of the Kings. We will visit colorful tombs that were carved out of rocky cliffs.
Beginning with the 18th dynasty, royal burials were completed underground to safeguard the mummies and rich furnishings
from grave-robbers. We will have the pleasure of having our own private admission to the Tomb of Ramses VI, a stunningly
beautiful tomb which is only open to a select number of visitors each day. Ramses' tomb contains amazing hieroglyphics and
scenes of the afterlife, including one of the most beautiful representations of Nut, the Goddess of the Sky.

Our next stop will be Queen Hatshipsut’s temple. Queen Hatshepsut, the only female Pharaoh, wanted to honor her father (god Amun) by building him a very
beautiful temple. She asked her architect not to spare any effort in making this the best of its kind. We’ll stop at the Colossi of Memnon as we return to the east
bank. Before we check into our cruise ship and have lunch we’ll make a stop at an alabaster factory which is world famous for its incredible beauty.

    Time to relax this afternoon and anticipate your evening visit to Luxor Temple, built during the reign of Amenhotep III. It was
    completely buried in sand for many centuries which allowed it to be one of the most well preserved temples. The temple has
    many beautifully decorated columns, a huge open court, a massive façade representing its entrance, a huge pylon, and two seated
    statues of Ramses II. The beauty of Luxor is made even more dramatic as we walk under the stars and gaze at the statues,
    columns and obelisks that are illuminated by many lights.  (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

                                        March 20 Tues. Day 8:  Sailing, free day to relax.
    The ship is a floating hotel with shops, fine dining and a bar and lounge with nightly entertainment. Relax on the sun deck around
    the swimming pool where you
will enjoy the picturesque beauty along the banks of the Nile River. Pamper yourself with a massage, read, write in your journal and nurture
your body, mind and spirit today.  Private healing sessions will be available with Gene throughout the day. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

March 21 Wed. Day 9:  Edfu Temple and Kom Ombo Temple
Today our ship docks and we take a short bus ride to Edfu Temple which is dedicated to the falcon God Horus. Of all the surviving temples
of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Horus is the most complete in its preservation. The divine marriage of Horus and Hathor is depicted on the
walls of this temple.It is easy to sense a deep eternal presence in the Holy of Holies, as we focus our attention inward.

As our ship continues southward toward the temple of Kom Ombo, we can observe the daily life of the people living here. Farmers plowing
their fields with oxen and women washing clothes at the edge of the river as they have done from generation to generation.  We arrive at the
temple of Kom Ombo, the only temple in Egypt dedicated to two gods, Horus and Sobek, the crocodile god.An imaginary line divides the
temple longitudinally into two parts, each with its own entrance, hypostyle halls, and chapels. This unusual double temple might express
the Egyptians understanding of the dual nature of reality. Here we might meditate upon light and shadow, yin and yang of our own personal
natures. In the evening, enjoy a Galabiyah (Egyptian gown) party on the ship as we continue sailing south to Aswan. Cruise Ship   (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

    March 22 Thurs. Day 10: Phalie Temple / unfinished Obelisk / Elephatine Island
    After breakfast we tour Aswan which feels like an oasis in the desert. Here the Nile flows through granite rocks while palm trees
    and farm lands cover it banks with the golden desert close at hand.Then we take a motor dinghy to a small island and the Temple
    of Philae, dedicated to Isis, the Great Mother. Isis temple is considered to be the most beautiful and magical temple in the Nile
    valley.Later we visit the Unfinished Obelisk which lies in its original location in a granite quarry. It was abandoned when some
    cracks appeared in the rock during its construction. Had this obelisk been completed, it would have been the largest obelisk ever
    cut, weighing nearly 1100 tons. On our way back to the ship we’ll stop at a cotton shop, nothing compares to the silky texture of
    Egyptian cotton! After lunch we will sail the Nile in a graceful Egyptian sailboat known as a “Felucca”. As we travel across the
    Nile to Elephatine Island we’ll enjoy the soft breeze and some traditional songs along the way.    Nile Cruise Ship    (Breakfast,
    Lunch, Dinner)

March 23 Fri. Day 11: Abu Simbel / return to Cairo
This morning we check out of our Nile Cruise ship taking with us many memories of magical temples and beautiful
scenery along the Nile River. We board our plane and fly into the southern desert to Abu Simbel which sits on the
banks of Lake Nasser. As we approach the temple site from the back we see only a plain rounded hill with pathways
on either side. As we follow the path and round the hill we are left breathless with our first glimpse of four colossal
statues of Ramses II sitting on his throne guarding the entrance to his temple. Each statue is as high as a 7 story
building. A short distance away is the Temple of Nefertari, Ramses II’s favorite wife. Cut from the rock face are six
colossal standing figures, four of Ramses II and two of Nefertari, each one 33 feet high. We explore these spectacular
temples and have some personal time for quiet reflection before we fly back to Cairo and check into the 5 Star
Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel next to the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau.     (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    March 24 Sat. Day 12:  Great Pyramid / Giza Plateau / Sphinx
    Today is the day we have all been preparing and waiting for, experiencing the mystery and power of the Great Pyramid of Cheops
    and the Guardian of the Mysteries, the Sphinx. Before the general tourists arrive, our group, by special permission will have a
    private exclusive visit “inside the paws of the Sphinx, which is closed to the general public. Here it is thought, that the Hall of
    Records of Ancient Atlantis is housed. What a heartfelt opportunity for us to have private time to meditate, reflect and connect
    with the energy of this ancient guardian of stone.

    Then comes the ultimate experience, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have exclusive private time inside the Great Pyramid of
    Giza. For almost 2 hours this ancient wonder of the world belongs to us! As you have time in the Queen’s chamber you can
    acknowledge your connection with the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth. Then we move to the King’s Chamber, where rites of
    initiation have been used by ancient mystery schools through the ages. We will have time for group energy work, meditation and
    ritual which will be a very personal, life-changing inner journey. In this sacred space you may release the old ego-driven life and
    intend a rebirth into a vibrant, light-filled awareness of yourself and the world around you. Afterward you have the option of
    taking a camel or horse ride around the Great Pyramid.  

    After our group farewell dinner, we will have a closing group session which will
    include a group energy session specifically tailored to integrate the entire experience
    from the last 12 days.  This will facilitate a smooth reentry into our daily lives.    
    Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

March 25 Sun. Day 13:  Goodbye to Egypt, morning departure.
Today we say our good-byes to Egypt and what has been a most amazing and transformational journey. We leave this
mystical land with a heart full of gratitude for all we’ve seen and experienced and a group of new kindred-spirit friends to stay connected with. After breakfast we
transfer to the airport to board our Egypt Air flight departing at 9:10am and arriving at JFK at 3:30pm eastern time.Connect with your flight to your home city.    
Welcome Home!  (Breakfast)                                                            
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Join Energy Healer
"Gene Ang Ph.D."
Egypt 2012
The Power of Place and Sacred Space
Dates TBA - fall of 2012
Tour Cost: $5,799.00
includes RT air from JFK
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Tour Reservations are being handled by:
Susan Duval

Questions about the tour itinerary, flights or travel insurance.
Contact Gayle Lawrence  Journeys of Discovery Travel
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Egypt, has been called the cradle of civilization, the land where the "esoteric mysteries" began. Many people feel such a deep
connection with this mysterious land...standing beneath spectacular and overwhelming monuments, encoded with ancient
wisdom may connect you with memories of lifetimes past? Egypt is strongly connected with Ancient Atlantis and often
resonates on a soul level with many seekers. Experience a transformational journey, explore the Isis Mysteries. Rediscover
and heal fragmented forgotten parts of yourself in sacred temples...begin an initiation back into a remembering of your
wholeness. Venture inside the Great Pyramid and begin an initiation into Egypt's mysteries... ……an initiation like no other.

Gene Ang, Ph.D. will help you to deepen the process of encoding the information held in the sacred places and spaces of Egypt by teaching you
how vibration, resonance, light, and information can be attuned to by each person in a sacred manner.  He sees himself more as a clear quartz
crystal on this tour rather than an expert in any one area of knowledge.  The magnificence and majesty contained at these ancient sites will
unlock, for each participant, the hidden keys that draw them to this expedition. There will be ample time for integration and group activations.  
Gene will also teach straightforward time-tested techniques that will open the doorway into the hidden dimensions behind physical reality to unlock
the codes contained in each person’s connection to these sacred places and spaces.

TOUR COST: $5,799.00 PP paid by check
CC payments add 3.3%
based on a minimum of 12 in shared accomodations
Single Supplement $810.00
Pyramid view room at Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel
$70 additional per night per person
Age limit for this tour is 17 years or older

Round trip airfare from New York JFK to Cairo.
Domestic flight Abu Simbel / Cairo
Private group time inside the Great Pyramid
Private group time inside the Sphinx enclosure
Private entrance to Ramses VI tomb
5 Star deluxe hotels shared accommodations
5 Star deluxe Nile Cruise shared cabins
All meals listed
All entrance fees and transportation to the sites listed on the itinerary
Camel/horse back ride at pyramids
Professional Egyptologist tour guide throughout the tour.
Private air conditioned buses throughout the tour.
Entrance visa to Egypt.
Personal Guided tours to all sites listed on the itinerary.
Sound & Light show at the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx  
Home hosted authentic Egyptian dinner.
All tips except to the Egypt tour guide & the tour assistant.
Group workshop time facilitated by Gene Ang Ph.D.

Airfare from your home city to JFK
Trip cancellation travel insurance
Drinks with meals
Personal items, phone calls, laundry etc.
Airport departure taxes if applicable
Tips to Egyptologist guide, drivers etc.
Anything not specifically mentioned in the itinerary
    Gene Ang, Ph.D. has a healing
    practice based in Thousand Oaks, California
    and sees clients for Reconnective Healing,
    Pranic Healing, Vortex Healing, Shamanic
    Counseling and the Reconnection. In addition,
    Gene travels around the United States
    facilitating healing sessions and workshops
    that focus  on the integration of science and

Gene received his BA from Stanford University in Human Biology and
Philosophy / Religious Studies.Gene continued his education at
YaleUniversity where he was formally trained as a Neurobiologist and
earned his doctorate in basic mechanisms of how the brain develops
followed by a post-doctoral fellowship  on how ultrasound can affect the
developing cerebral cortex.  After completing his fellowship, Gene
decided to step into the role of a facilitator in order to more directly
interact with helping people in a healing capacity.

Gene's work centers around the use of energy to help align the subtle
energy body, its channels, meridians, and energy centers to help restore
balance and harmony so that healing can occur whether it be physical,
emotional, mental, and/or spiritual. Gene does not see himself as the
healer but simply as part of the interconnectedness that occurs when
facilitator, client, and Source/Love/God interact to bring healing forth.  
He sees his teaching engagements and seminars as an extension of this
interaction that occurs on multiple dimensions to bring wholeness and
understanding to all involved.    
  Visit Gene's Website:

I highly recommend Gene Ang's retreats. He is a wonderful facilitator.
He brings much knowledge and information and is able to relay that
information to all levels of understanding. He is incredibly bright,
divinely guided, humble and has a great sense of humor. The retreats
Gene gives are valuable and very self empowering. I highly recommend
anything Gene is involved with.    
D.B., Sarasota, FL