England Sacred Sites
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July 19, 2012 Thursday Day 1: Depart your home city for London, England.

July 20 Day 2:
Arrive at London Heathrow Airport for transfer to Marlborough, England to begin this mystical journey exploring
crop circles. England is blessed with more crop circles than anywhere else. The stunning patterns, exhibiting
sacred geometry and perennial wisdom, mysteriously appear overnight. Experience their energy for yourself;
and marvel at the beauty and size of them from the air in a chartered helicopter (subject to crop circle activity).
Over the next few days, we will walk through crop circles as they appear and as weather permits during the
remainder of our journey. Overnight in our hotel near Marlborough
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July 21 Day 3:
Today we experience crop circles on the ground as we have time
to explore and meditate in these great energetic temples. Marilyn will
share information about the crop circles and offer a group channeling
session (weather permitting).
Overnight Parklands hotel.
July 22 Day 4:
Today, we visit Avebury, home of the celebrated landscape temple. Avebury's standing
stones were built in 2650 BC, and are the largest in the world encompassing 28 acres
Visit Silbury Hill, known as the Hill of the Shining Beings, built around 2750BC. Nearby at
West Kennet Longbarrow, we will enter the tomb and sanctuary built by an ancient family
of priests in 3700 BC. This tomb was originally a Goddess Temple, which later became a
'Holy of Holies’. Here priest/priestess would form a procession before walking down a
stone avenue to Avebury.        Overnight Parklands Hotel
July 23 Day 5:
View the White Horse cut out of the turf on the upper slopes of Uffington
Castle near the Ridgeway. It is 374 feet long and some say that itrepresents
a Celtic god or tribal symbol. Others, however, maintain that it is a portrait of
the dragon slain by St. George on the nearby Dragon Hill. We proceed to
Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow, situated on the Ridgeway not far from the
Uffington White Horse. After a short walk, we will experience the Neolithic
long barrow dating back 5500 years. Four huge upright stones guard the
entrance to the burial chambers. Waylands Smitty rests in a delightful grove
of beech trees, a peaceful place to rest on a fine summer day and meditate
with Marilyn. Overnight Parklands Hotel.
Where did Excalibur come from?
"Excerpt from Sword of Avalon"

Fallen to earth in a falling star, a clap of thunder, a
great burst of light; dragged still smoking to be
forged by the little dark smiths who dwelled on the
chalk before the ring stones were raised; powerful,
a weapon for a king, broken and reforged this time
into the long leaf-shaped blade, tooled and
annealed in blood and fire, hardened...a sword
three times forged, never ripped out of the earth’s
womb, and thus twice holy....
July 27 Day 9:
Bid farewell to new friends and carry with you special memories of all you experienced. Your flight home
should not depart before noon to allow for travel time to the airport.
July 23 - 31, 2012
Tour Land Cost:   $3,250.00
paid by check
Credit Card Payments tour cost: $3,450.00
based on a mimimum of 15 travelers
Single supplement: $400.00

All entrance fees to sites and 1 hour helicopter ride
Private time at Stonehenge
7 nights hotel shared accommodations
All ground transportation in private coach
Full breakfast and dinner each day
Tips to porters, maids, bellmen, drivers and local guide
Meditations and ceremony at sacred sites facilitated by
Finbarr Ross

Does Not Include:
International flight
Meals not listed in itinerary / lunches
Items of a personal nature, phone calls, alcohol, beverages
Anything not specifically listed in the itinerary
trip cancellation / travel medical insurance
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Journeys of Discovery
England Mists of Avalon
Crop Circles and  Sacred Sites

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Merlin, King Arthur, Avalon, Goddesses, Druids, and the standing stones... all of these are synonymous with the sacred
lands of England. Mystical, magical ancient places where legends lived and their history and stories are still encoded into
the land. We invite you to embark on a journey of adventure, of inner and outer self-discovery and divine inspiration.
From the days of the Earth-centered religions of the stone circles, through Celtic, Druidic, Arturian and Christian times,
people have come to these sacred places to remember their soul’s purpose. Personally experience Crop Circles from the
air and from the ground. Visit mystical Glastonbury, the Chalice Well, and the mysterious Tor. Explore the English
countryside as we visit the revered sites of Stonehenge, Avebury, Woodhenge, Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral,
Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow, the White Horse at Uffington Castle, and Silbury Hill. Experience the perfect mix of the
magical and the mystical as group facilitator, Finbarr Ross, leads you in rituals, meditations, channeling sessions and
ceremony within these ancient sacred sites. The evolved wisdom she will share will forever change your view of who
you think you are and give you a more expansive view of your world.
July 25 Day 7:    
Visit the spirited town of Glastonbury filled with history
and rich traditions. A place for the Goddess and Druids,
its medieval abbey was a haven for pilgrims. Walk to the
top of the Tor for ritual and meditation. Gather water at
the sacred Chalice Well and meditate in the beautiful
English gardens. Meander the grounds of Glastonbury
Abbey and discover the legendary burial place of King
Arthur and his Queen. This is the mystical, magical land
of "Avalon" where King Arthur and his Knights of the
Round Table ruled. Ponder the mystery of the Lady of
the Lake who presented Arthur with the Magical sword
Excalibur. Overnight Hillside Guest House
July 26 Day 8:
Today, we experience Wells Cathedral and the three stone circles of Stanton Drew.“Stanton Drew is part of a
sacred landscape pattern with centers at Stonehenge and Avebury.Neolithic people noted the lunar cycles and
attempted to link the journey of sun and moon so as to determine the heavenly patterns of the universe. The
time of the Full Moon nearest to the Winter Solstice was considered to be significant by them. The Moon then
being in Cancer, the sign she rules, the female powers would have been particularly potent. The locating of
Stanton Drew so near to water would also enhance this feeling. When the Full Moon that falls nearest to the
Summer Solstice occurs a ceremony of initiation takes place. Vast fires blaze, as the initiate is led blindfold
across the river to the entrance of the N.E. Circle. There the guardian of the stones issues a challenge before
they may be permitted to pass any further. Each ring is screened from the next so that they must pass through
a veil before gaining the next stage of understanding. Aware of the decorated posts, hung with garlands and
the dancers who line the way, they follows a spiral path getting ever closer to their goal”. Gordon Strong - The
Sacred Stone Circles of Stanton Drew.In the late afternoon we travel back to Marlborough for our final night
and farewell dinner.
group meditation facilitated by Marilyn and then a channeling
session where she will access wisdom from other realms to share we’
ll visit Woodhenge, Old Sarum, Salisbury Cathedral and the city.
guesthouse located on the side of the Glastonbury Tor and only a
short walk away from Chalice Well, Glastonbury Town and
Glastonbury Abbey.   
Website: Hillside Guest House