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Ready to launch the next phase of your enlightenment and expansion?  
Activate your body, mind and spirit in Mexico's captivating Yucatan Peninsula
with visionary spiritual messenger, noted author and facilitator, Jill Renee Feeler.

Cancun is situated on the south-east coast of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. On the Caribbean sea, Cancun offers
white sand beaches, turquoise crystal clear waters, lush jungles, the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere
and some of the most magnificent Sacred Mayan sites in all of Mexico making this a place like no other! April in
Cancun is ideal, bright sunny days, gentle ocean breezes and average highs in the low 80’s. Join Jill Renee Feeler and
enjoy the mystery of the Yucatan, the intrigue of the Mayan and Mexican cultures and get a glimpse of another way
of life while tapping further into your own Divine Nature. Time here is somehow different and the Yucatán is a place
to relax and let the past, present and future come together.

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    Daily Itinerary
DAY 1. SUNDAY – April 19, 2015   
Arrival in Cancun, Mexico. Exit the airport and take a
shuttle, approx.  ($15-$20) to the Omni Cancun Resort. Dinner with Jill and afterward opening greetings and introductions.

DAY 2 & 3 MON April 20 / TUES April 21                      Full day group Workshop with Jill

Jill’s workshop will have prepared you for the next few days visiting and experiencing some ancient and truly mystical Sacred Mayan
sites that hold the energy of "The Ancestors". What revelations, visions and Soul experiences wait for you at some of these
mysterious temples surrounded by jungle? Jill will help you assimilate and navigate your rich, inner realms.

DAY 4. WEDNESDAY – April 22.  COBA
    After an early breakfast the group will depart to visit the beautiful and mysterious Mayan ceremonial
    site of Coba.  Coba is surrounded by five big lagoons within the natural jungle and it’s name means
    “ruffled waters”. It has the Pyramid Nohoch-Mul, 126 ft .high, making it the tallest pyramid in the
    Yucatan Peninsula. Coba is knows for it’s extraordinary Mayan engineering which allowed them to
    make the “Sak-Be” (White roads). Both the tallest pyramid and the greatest concentration of Sak-Be
    suggest Coba was a major city. Even today, only a small fraction of the many structures in this vast
    site have been excavated and this, together with the remoteness and jungle setting, contribute to
    the feeling of exploring new ground.

In ancient legend, the Maya said that a channel of energy existed that connected the Mayan priests with the Sky and it was called
Kuxan-Zuun, a living cord that unites man with God. The Maya say that it is the “Sak-Be” that maintains their closeness to their
ancestors so that they can continue the ancient customs and traditions. On an early morning walk through these extensive ruins in
the jungle, one can see numerous species of birds, butterflies and animals, even the occasional spider monkey. Large ceiba trees
intertwine with ancient stonework. The sounds of the jungle create an entertaining symphony in this beautiful natural setting making
it a pleasure to explore.

Today you will explore the smaller, but beautiful site of Ek Balam. Much of this site still remains a mystery, but the archaeologists
working there are very excited about the new discoveries they are making. This extraordinary Sacred Site is dedicated to the
energy of the Bright Star Jaguar. Jill visited Ek Balam in Dec. 2011 and deeply connected to
the energies there and is very excited to share this experience with you.

Ek Balam is full of very special temples and sweat lodges but the most striking temple
is one with a huge ¨monster mouth¨. To the Maya this represents a portal to the ¨
other world¨. The enormous mouth of the Witz Monster (entry to the underworld),
complete with teeth, is awe-inspiring. The sculpted works of the Maya ruins at
Ek Balam are unusual and extremely well preserved and the only place where
“Mayan Angels”, statues with wings on their back have been discovered. Other
figures seem to be in the meditative ¨lotus¨ position and one sits headless above the
center of the monster mouth, all exquisitely crafted. With sculptures
unique among all Mayan sites and its majestic palace and grounds, Ek Balam seems literally to be untouched by time.

After our morning at Ek Balam, we’ll travel about 20 minutes to the beautiful colonial city of Valladolid. Besides its beauty, Valladolid’
s historical ties bind ancient Mayan civilizations, to modern Mayans, to the Spanish and here Mexican history becomes truly alive.
This picturesque city is brightly colored with colonial buildings, Mayan women selling crafts downtown, and the true Spirit of old
Mexico. Enjoy some time exploring on your own and shop for hand made crafts at really great prices and a visit to the 16th Century
San Bernadino Convent.

    Muyil is located on the mainland side of a lagoon in the Sian Ka´an Biosphere. Sian Kaán protects 70
    miles of Caribbean coastal reefs, mangroves, and savannas, and is home to over 350 types of birds, as
    well as pumas, jaguars, ocelots, three different species of monkey, crocodiles, three species of turtle and
    an abundance of plants.

    Numerous subterranean chambers have been found and this gives the site a very different feel. With
    rounded edges on its pyramid and other buildings, and its proximity to protected Caribbean waters makes
    it an interesting contrast to some of the architecture of the inland sites. Muyil has a beautiful tall pyramid
    with a chamber that still contains a painted mural in its interior. Like other sites on the Caribbean, at Muyil
    there is evidence that much reverence was given here to feminine deities. Many representations of the
    Mayan moon goddess were found here.

    A walk down a path populated with birds, butterflies and abundant wildlife leads to the lagoon in the Sian
    Ka´an biosphere. Here we will enjoy a boat trip to experience the natural beauty and ecological wonders of
    the Reserve, a Mayan phrase for “Where the Sky is Born”. The crystal clear waters and lush mangroves
    are a nature lover's delight. Floating gently through canals that have been used for over 2,000 years, one
    appreciates  the ancient Maya who once inhabited this unusually tranquil place. In Muyil we unite with the
    essence of the water, the jungle, the animals, the sun and the earth. In this marvelous place the Mayans
    achieved contact with the sacred energies of Water and all living creatures.

We leave very early to visit the most famous and largest of all Mayan sites, Chichen Itza, known
as the Sacred City. This huge ceremonial center has numerous pyramids and temples, one of
which, The Temple of the Warriors has 1,000 columns. With its authentic and conscientious
restoration and some of the most powerful and moving frescoes in the ancient Mayan world,
it is a breathtaking and most impressive site.

The Maya were experts in the understanding of how the earth and the planets worked together
in the yearly cycle and this knowledge is encoded in the great pyramid, El Castillo. It has an
ancient connection to Atlantis and Egypt as a doorway for time and space travel, and many
people have had past life memories of traveling from Egypt to the main temple, El Castillo,
also called the temple of Kukulkan. Twice a year, on the Equinoxes, light and shadow create
an effect that make it appear as if the Mayan God Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent is
descending down the stairway of this grand pyramid.

El Castillo has staircases on all four sides, each with 91 steps and including the last step on the top totals 365 steps, the number of
days in a solar year. After a millennium, this pyramid still functions as a highly reliable way to pinpoint the changes of the seasons.
The observatory, or Caracol, is unique in that it is the only truly round building found at any Mayan site. It’s function as an
observatory for astronomical study is obvious. As you spend time exploring this mysterious city, perhaps you will connect with your
own parallel life experience across various time lines on earth.

After an amazing day at Chichen Itza, we’ll return to the hotel to enjoy our last dinner together. After dinner Jill will facilitate a group
discussion and final closing remarks and meditation as your sacred journey comes to an end.

Depart for home. You will leave the Yucatan with a new perspective on your life revealed on this mystical journey and many new
kindred spirit friends to help keep that connection alive.  Welcome Home!

Jill Renee Feeler:  Is an author, futurist, spiritual experiencer, alchemist, gifted intuitive and inspirational visionary for
beings across the globe seek-ing personal re-union with their expanded vibrational access and their God Consciousness. Jill
shares inspiring, evolutionary messages in a non-religious yet deeply God-centered manner to expand consciousness, thrive and
help us savor our human experience.

Her work is truly unique, as her journey and wisdom are led by her own inner connection to Source Creator God.  She knows part
of her purpose on Earth is to embody and share divine codes and activations for this next phase of human evolution which is now
underway.  Her work is deep and captivating while also being fun and even playful, knowing the eternal light body is activated by
an inter-dimensional approach that goes far beyond the mind’s reach.  Jill is known to be inspiring, heartfelt, authentic, humorous
and intelligent, helping us expand our concept of what it means to be divinely human and a balanced spirit in human form.       
“Cancun Tropical Paradise”
Yucatan, Mexico     April 19 - 26, 2015      

Yucatan Tour and Workshop
Cost: $2,749.00 PP
with Jill Renee Feeler

Ancient Mayan Wisdom
for Divine Expansion
Futurist, author, alchemist, intuitive
Jill Renee Feeler
$2,749.00 per person
(based on a minimum of 12 guests in double lagoon view room)
upgrade to ocean view room option - depends on availability
Single Supplement: $535.00 lagoon view room       

What is Included:        
    7 nights at the Omni Cancun Resort Hotel in double lagoon view room
All meals and beverages during your stay at the resort
Various resort activities included in your package
Private bus and guided tours with personal guide to
Coba, Ek Balam, Muyil, Chichen Itza including lunch
All site entrance fees
Boat tour through the Sian Kaan Reserve and visit to Valladolid
Divine Expansion Workshop with JIll Renee Feeler

What is Not Included:        
International airfare to Cancun, Mexico
Airport transfers to and from airport / hotel
Personal expenses, phone calls, laundry, room service etc.
Anything not specifically noted in the tour itinerary
Tips to drivers and private guides        

For reservations and information please contact
Gayle Lawrence
Journeys of Discovery Travel

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    WORKSHOP PROGRAM: Ancient Mayan Wisdom for Divine Expansion.
For those ready to explore your own inter-dimensional connection with the Ancient Mayan Wisdom, Jill’s workshop will take you to
a higher Spiritual experience of your own personal Divine Expansion. Jill will share information through channeling sessions,
meditations and Divine Messages that she receives from her personal Spirit guides from the higher realms. Jill will introduce us to
the Ancient Mayan Stargate technology as we visit some of the Sacred Mayan sites and share how it has been used across our
history. But more importantly, how it relates to our own Divine Expansion in this current lifetime. When connecting with the Ancient
Stargate technology within a focused small group, the energy becomes highly charged, healing and alchemical. Jill will lovingly
guide us with timeless wisdom, smiles and laughter into the cosmic dimensions of our own Soul and deeper into the joy and well-
being of our own human experience.