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Mexico's Copper Canyon
Scenic Rail and Land Tour

    Mexico’s Copper Canyon Adventure
    “One of the Most Scenic Rail Journeys in the World”
    October 1 – 9, 2013
    Join Gayle Lawrence - Journeys of Discovery Travel
    and Susan Duval Seminars on a fantastic adventure which takes you through
    Mexico’s dramatic and pristine Copper Canyon. A land of rugged beauty, the Copper
    Canyon comprises seven major interlocking canyons which are four times wider and
    one and one-half times deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona! Copper Canyon’s
    natural beauty and sheer size is a feast for all the senses.

Called “One of the most Scenic Rail Journeys in the World”, the Chihuahua-Pacifico Railroad, First Class El Chepe Train,
takes you on a 400 mile journey from sea level to almost 8,000 feet. The railway line whisks you over 36 bridges and 87
tunnels and passes through landscapes that include sheer canyon walls, thrilling gorges, waterfalls and high desert plains
offering unbelievable photo opportunities.

    Experience an exhilarating trip back in time as you weave through the rugged beauty
    of this colossal canyon maze and spend time in remote villages and sleepy small
    towns off the beaten track. Enjoy the enchanting traditions of Mexican culture, found
    in the music, food, and clothing of the people who have made their homes in this
    rugged frontier. You will have the opportunity to come in contact with the Raramuri
    (Ra-RA-mu-ree) Indians, an indigenous tribe of gentle people that have lived in the
    Upper Sierra Madre of the Copper Canyon for over 10,000 years. In keeping with
    their vision of the cosmos, the Raramuri know they are an integral part of the earth,
    of nature, and of the universe. For them, the earth is life itself.

    A Magical Journey filled with the wonder of the natural world

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    Watch the video's below to see some of the places we will visit in the canyon
The Chihuahua-Pacifico Railroad   The First Class El Chepe Train
    "3 Amigos Private Tours"
    Copper Canyon

    Our private group trip will be
    personally escorted by Yolonda
    of "3 Amigo's Travel".
    Yolonda and her staff live in the
    town of Creel in the  Copper

The local people are their personal friends and
neighbors.As with all Journeys of Discovery
adventures...this is not your "typical tourist trip" in the
Copper Canyon...we will have a true to life experience
with the local people.