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Merida, Yucatan Mexico
"Wisdom of the Stars"
Sacred Land of the Maya
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    Miguel Angel Vergara: Miguel Angel is a Master Teacher of the Maya Sacred Wisdom. His life’
    s work has been the study and true understanding of the Ancient Wisdom of the Maya, and his
    life’s mission is to share these Sacred teachings with the world. He does this through the study of their
    science, art, philosophy, and religion, extracting the true essence of the Maya teachings and offering it
    to those seeking guidance on their Spiritual Path.

    Miguel Angel Vergara lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico and is the author of a number of books on
    Chichen Itza and the Maya Sacred Wisdom.  He studied with Mayan Elder Don Vincente Martín for
    seventeen years, was the Site Director at Chichen Itzá for four years, and has given lectures and
    workshops throughout North America and Europe. He draws students from all parts of the world.

He teaches us how to connect with the Masters of Light who are still here at the sacred Maya sites ready to guide us now as in
ancient times. He goes to the source of the Maya knowledge; to the ceremonies, rituals, mantras, sacred books, pyramids,
temples, stele, pottery, paintings, sculptures, and oral traditions that are available today to find the essence of their knowledge.
He then teaches in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his students. Miguel Angel humbly and
sincerely weaves a path to the pure authentic essence of the Maya cosmology and creates a space with beautiful ceremonies and
stories where you can transform yourself and find your true Spiritual Path.

"Wisdom of the Stars"
Sacred Land of the Maya

Merida, Yucatan Mexico
October 18 - 26, 2014

Join Gayle Lawrence and...
Mayan Priest and Master Teacher
Miguel Angel Vergara
Tour Cost: $2,950.00

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TOUR COST: $2,950.00
Oct 18 - 26 , 2014
based on a minimum of 10 travelers
Single Supplement: $490.00

Personal Guide, Miguel Angel Vergara,
teachings, meditations, and ceremonies.
Airport transfers
Accommodations, 8 nights in double room:
Meal Plan:   7 breakfasts      4 lunches     4 dinners
Transportation in air condition vehicle to all sites listed on the itinerary
Entrance fees to all sites listed on the itinerary
Shaman gratuity at Loltun Caves
Tips for bellboys, maids, and waiters
Taxes and toll road fees

International flight to Merida, Mexico
Cancellation & Medical Insurance
Drinks, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, bottled water
Meals not specified on the itinerary
Personal items such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls.
Tips to guides and drivers

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    OCT 18 SATURDAY:        Arrival in Mérida         
You will be met at the Mérida airport and transfer to your hotel in the Historic Center of Mérida.

When the Spaniards arrived Mérida was a large Mayan city called ICH-KAAN-ZIHO (“They were
born into the face of the Sky”) with five ancient pyramids situated on what is now the main plaza.
Led by the Spaniard, Francisco de Montejo, the city was conquered and renamed Mérida in 1542.
The Spanish dismantled all the pyramids and used the huge stones as the foundation for the
Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the oldest cathedral on the American continent. The main plaza is a
busy place, day and night, where people meet, relax, or just spend time enjoying the wonderful
energy. Mérida has the highest percentage of indigenous persons of any large city in Mexico with
approximately 60% of all inhabitants having Maya roots. They are generally friendly although they
can be a little shy. Many will want to talk with you to practice their English.

Mérida served as the American Capital of Culture in the year 2000 and is still overflowing with
cultural activities and events. Your hotel is situated in the Historic Center of this interesting city
close to free cultural events, restaurants, banks, and shopping. You are only a short walk to the
main plaza. This is a safe city so please go out and enjoy it.   (no meals on this day)

    OCT 19 SUNDAY:        OXKINTOK
This morning we meet for breakfast at the hotel at 8:00am. Following breakfast we travel to the
Maya site of Oxkintok with Miguel Angel where he will lead our opening Maya ceremony and where
we will have our group introductory circle.  If possible Miguel Angel asks that you wear white or
light colors for this ceremony.

“The Spiritual meaning of Oxtintok is “Where Three Suns Burn”.  This Ceremonial Center is
related to Ancient Initiations performed by the Maya Masters of Light, especially at the Maya Arch
and the Labyrinth. At the Arch we will perform our Opening Ceremony in order to ask permission
to the Guardians and the Maya Teachers to have our journey protected, guided, and ask that
each one receives all he needs for his spiritual development and awareness. The name of the
labyrinth in Maya is, “TZAT-TUN-TZAT” and means “Ancient Labyrinth of Precious Stone”. Here
the ancient Maya activated their 3 Suns symbolically: Body, Soul, and Spirit in order to be ready to
travel spiritually to other realities or dimensions in time.”  Miguel Angel

He will then give a brief tour of the site.  There will be time for you to explore a little on your own
before we leave for lunch.  Our lunch stop today will be at Patricia’s in Muna. She is an amazing
artist and creates museum quality replicas of the ancient Maya pieces. You will have time to see
her at work and shop at her store which feels more like a museum. Miguel Angel will be able to
explain some of the pieces for you.   

We return to Mérida where you will have a little time to relax before we meet for our group
Welcome Dinner.     Casa del Balam Merida.  Meals: B, L, & D

    OCT 20 MONDAY:        CELESTUN        
After breakfast we check out of the hotel and travel to Biosphere Reserve of Celestun which is the
main wintering area for flamingos, nesting beaches for endangered sea turtles, endemic plants
and birds in coastal dune scrubs and estuary "nurseries" for countless fish and marine species;
highly productive mangrove communities; two endangered crocodile species; migrant and
wintering waterbirds, shorebirds and songbirds.

Over 300 bird species can be found in Celestun's Special Biosphere Reserve: cardinals, orioles,
motmots, woodpeckers, hummingbirds, flycatchers, kingfishers, cormorants, magnificent frigate
birds, herons, egrets, white ibises, wood storks, ospreys, hawks, vultures, sandpipers,
roadrunners, owls, pelicans, etc. There are some endemic birds such as the Yucatan Wren, the
Black-throated Bobwhite and the Mexican Sheartail Hummingbird. Celestun is considered the
fourth largest wintering ground for ducks in the Gulf region. But surely the most popular bird and
the most sought after is the Pink Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber)

We will take a boat ride along the Ria to see the Flamingos and into the mangroves to see other
birds and wildlife. After the boat tour we will continue on to the town of Celestun and have a
relaxing lunch on the beach.  This is the Gulf of Mexico and is a beautiful sandy beach so
depending on the weather and time some of you may want to swim.

“In the old times the Maya Teachers of Light called this place by two names: “The Spirit in the
Stone” and “The Painted Stone”.  Both names are in accordance with the Sacredness found now
days in this Biosphere and protected Reserve. There are spirit elementals in the stones, sand,
sea, mangroves, and the animals, especially the pink flamingos.  We will offer some special Maya
mantras to work with the spirit-elementals of the site. Here we can make offerings to the spirits, the
elementals of the Reserve and at the same time awake ourselves to the knowledge that this
marvelous nature outside is only the inner reflection of what is within us”
We will then go to Uxmal and our hotel the..
Hacienda Uxmal      Meals: B, L

    OCT 21 TUESDAY:        UXMAL
Tuesday        We have a full day here so there will be time to enjoy exploring the many mysteries
of the site of Uxmal. Called the “Cosmic Feminine University of the Maya” Uxmal was dedicated to
the Moon, Women, and Medicine. Some ancient stories say that the name of Uxmal means:
“Something that is coming in the future”. This coincides with the oral tradition of the Maya that
says:  “Uxmal was an invisible city until one day the magic arts of the Dwarf made it visible to
human eyes.” Another part of the story says: “Uxmal, which long existed but unseen, was the city
where lived the spirits of earth and air. One day this mighty city rose up, visible to the eyes of
human beings and great and magnificent it was.”

“Uxmal is then a Magic City that descended from another higher dimension to this third dimension.
Its beauty is something amazing, every aspect of the city: pyramids, temples, ball court, and the
arches, were part of that spiritual connection with the Maya Creators: Hunab-Ku, Chaak, Ix’Cheel,
Ix Mukane, and KuKuulKaan, the Feathered Serpent.”

You can walk to the site, it is just across the road, so after the tour with Miguel Angel you can
explore on your own, have lunch when you like, (there are a couple of restaurant options) relax at
the hotel, swim in the pool or return to the site. The site closes at 5:00pm.  We will return to the
site for the Sound and Light Show in the evening and then have dinner together at the hotel.         
Hacienda Uxmal. Meals: B, D

First we travel to Oxkutzcab to visit the market. This is not a tourist market but a very large
working market for the farms in the area. Here you will find a great collection of fruits and
vegetables grown in this part of the Yucatan. There will be mountains of oranges, up to seven
different types, other citrus fruits and whatever is in season.

The Loltun Caves are very special and were sacred to the Maya. You will travel deep into Mother
Earth and with the guidance of Miguel Angel and the local Shaman you will connect with IxCheel
and IxMukane, the Maya Goddesses. The cave is not very difficult, the air is good, there are lights
along the way, and there are cathedral high ceilings. This is a wonderful experience and you will
exit the caves with a whole new energy.

We will then go to the Yucatecan town Mani for lunch at a restaurant that will give you an
authentic taste of the Yucatan cuisine.  Here the local specialties are prepared in the traditional
manner and served with handmade tortillas. Mani is the town where, in 1562, Fray Diego de
Landa burned the Maya codices (books) in his effort to convert the Mayas to Catholicism.  In his
later years he regretted this and wrote a book containing everything he could remember about the
Maya. This book has been translated into English is likely available at the bookstore in Uxmal.
Following our late lunch we will return to the Hacienda Uxmal for a relaxing evening.
Hacienda Uxmal. Meals: B, L


Check out of the Hacienda and travel to Labna. This is a favorite site and we will start with a Maya
Ceremony. Miguel Angel will lead you through the site explaining the spiritual significance of the
temples and symbols.
“Labna means in Maya: “The Walls of the Wisdom of the Mother”. This Ceremonial Center is
connected with the Cosmic Knowledge of the Calendars. In the sacred glyphs found carved in the
walls we can see symbols of the constellations, the sun, the moon, Venus, the stars, the Sacred
Caduceus of Mercury and others that are still being studied.”  

We will walk along the Sac Be, (Maya for White Road) to what is probably one of the most
beautiful Mayan arches found on any site. Because of its elegance, ornamentation, and
architectural perfection it raises the consciousness of the people who visit this site. As we walk
through the arch we need to take a moment to connect with the high frequency.  There is also an
Observatory at Labna where the Maya, through the Sacred Cosmic Knowledge of KuKuulKaan,
“The Serpent in the Cosmos”, opened their Chakras to receive the messages from the Stars.  

The new Chocolate Museum is our next stop. Here you will see how it is grown and processed and
learn how the Maya used it in ceremony. You will even get to taste it.  We then travel to our final
destination for the day: Chichen Itza.      
Hotel Mayaland Chichen Itza   Meals: B & D


This morning we visit the amazing site of Chichen Itza, probably the most famous of all the Maya

“Chichen Itza is called the City of KuKuulKaan and is dedicated to the Pleiades Constellation
through the symbol of the Serpent which is connected to the Pleiades. The Pyramid was
dedicated to the Serpent as a cosmic symbol and also to KuKuulKaan the teacher who taught the
Maya how to connect in perfect balance with all the different kinds of knowledge: Science, Art,
Philosophy and Religion. Chichen Itza is connected deeply with Science, but it is Science with
Love, science and technology united with intuition.”   Miguel Angel Vergara

From the Mayaland we can walk into the site early in the morning before the crowds and venders
set up.  Miguel Angel will lead you through the main areas of the site including the Pyramid of
KuKuulKaan, the cenote, and the Ball Court and then you will have some free time for shopping
and exploring on your own.

We then go to the beautiful cenote (natural well, sacred to the Maya) Ik Kil where there will be time
for a swim and lunch before heading back to Merida for the night. “The cenotes in this area are all
connected by underground waterways. Many are found in caves, and others like Ik Kil and the
Sacred Cenote of Chichen Itza are open to the sky. The Sacred Cenote is the temple of the Rain
God, YUM CHAAK.  Great pilgrimages were made to the Cenote at Chichen Itza to pay tribute to
the Lord of the Water and Life. The Cenotes were a worshipping and purification site for the
Maya.”     Casa del Balam Merida.  Meals: B, L

    This morning Miguel Angel will walk you through the new Maya Museum in Merida. It is not a
    large museum but is well worth seeing. It is dedicated to the Maya from ancient times to
    present day. This is an opportunity to get your questions answered about this great culture.

The afternoon is free for shopping, relaxing, enjoying Mérida.  This evening we will gather one last
time for our farewell dinner   Casa del Balam Merida.  Meals: B and D

    OCT 26 SUNDAY:  DEPARTURE Transfer to the airport for your flight home.
    As our journey comes to an end our Spirits are refreshed and our hearts are filled with the
    beauty and sacredness of all that we have seen and experienced. We feel a special
    connection and deep respect for the Sacred Land of the Maya. Welcome Home.