Peru Andean Mysteries
May 8 - 17, 2020
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Gayle Lawrence - Group Leader Oct. 2015
Hi Gayle,
I loved the tour and I thought the timing in Oct was perfect. I loved all the sites visited and especially all the shamanic ceremonies. The food and hotels were great and
as you know we all agreed Jaime, our guide, was awesome.  I also liked Ernesto, our guide at Lake Titicaca, so overall I thought you did a fantastic job with the tour
planning.  The spiritual aspect of the tour was most important for me and I felt that was satisfied by the various ceremonies we did with different shaman and healers.  
I love looking at my framed pictures and when I listen to the music CD's I bought at the restaurant in Machu Picchu it takes me right back to Peru!     
Thank you again!
Irma Andrade – Portland, OR

Hi Gayle,
I’m still processing the trip as there was so much I really enjoyed and experienced there. Lake Titicaca was fascinating and our hotel there was very nice. We also went
to a sacred place where the giant people entered into the world and Ernesto, our guide, played the bowls and did a ceremony.  Both Annie, my roommate and I are so
grateful that we got a chance to meet and listen to your shaman friend, Jorge Luis! When he said our only goal when we went to Machu Picchu was to be grateful for
our lives. That was transforming for me and everything he said was tailor made for my personal issues. I would have loved to have spent more time with him - he truly
is an amazing man!

I think all of us really enjoyed meeting the lady who makes the corn beer and being able to go to the place where we saw the condors. I know we all loved our guide
Jaime so much and he was a hard act to follow. Thank you Gayle for all your efforts organizing this wonderful trip!!!
Many, many hugs to you my dear.
Pam Morgan – Seattle, WA

Susan Duval group Oct. 2014
Hello dear Susan and Gayle,
Thank you so much for this fabulous trip. I find it amazing that all of our wonderful sisters and brothers came together as if we knew each other from some other
time.  And, we probably did!  Everyone was great.  Everything was great.  I had great expectations of this trip.  Everything was far beyond my expectations.  Our
guides and Shamans were absolutely fabulous.  I learned so much and connected with energies for growth on my spiritual path. I recommend this experience to
everyone.  I really do feel this way and I am still processing all that we learned and did.  We did a tremendous amount of energy work in a short time.  

Like I said, I had been looking for the "right" trip to Peru for over 5 years.  I knew this was the perfect trip for me, and it was.  It definitely exceeded my expectations.
I am so grateful to you and Journeys of Discovery Travel for  providing this outstanding spiritual journey.
Love and blessings,   Alice Northhampton, PA

Mary Lee LaBay Group Leader – July 2013.
Gayle, I can't thank you enough for your planning, organization, and support for our recent trip to Peru. I will have no reservations in trusting Journeys of Discovery
for future travel adventures. As the leader for 15 other personal clients of mine, I was quickly aware of the red carpet treatment we were all getting. Your choice of
Lima Tours as the local travel support team was so appreciated. Everything went smoothly and as planned. I was particularly impressed with our guides, Jonathan and
Vicky. Both were attentive, knowledgable, flexible, professional, and blended well with the spiritual energy and personalities of the group.
You continued to give me exceptional support throughout our time in Peru, when I would email you with almost daily updates of the progress of the trip. I so
appreciated that you would quickly respond with any tips, advice, or encouragement. I was never without a safety net in any situation.
It is obvious that you have in-depth personal experience of each of the locations and provided our group with the best experiences within our budget. Many of the
participants told me that this adventure far exceeded their expectations.  Thank you so much and I look forward to future travel with Journeys of Discovery.

Gene Ang PhD – group leader Oct. 2012
My first trip to Peru in 2012 was over the top! Gayle did a fantastic job organizing the trip and making sure everything went just as planned. A+ for professionalism,
organization, and spiritual enrichment. Looking forward to our next big trip with Journeys of Discovery!"

Michelle, Winter Park, Florida   April 2011
“I cannot say enough about what this trip has done for me.  The healing and insight I experienced in Peru was completely unexpected.  Arranged by Gayle Lawrence,
Journeys of Discovery Travel,  this has been the most phenomenal experience of my life; and those 10 days have transformed and enlightened me in the most
remarkable ways imaginable. In contrast, I was just a “tourist with a camera” during trips I had taken to other “spiritual places” such as Greece and the Grand Canyon.  
There is simply no comparison.   I know that the energy, love, and joy I experienced in Peru will always be with me.” Thank you Gayle for a life-changing spiritual

Rev. Temple Hayes, First Unity, St. Petersburg, Fl Aug 2008
In August 2008, 33 travelers on a journey experienced the true benefits of friendship, connection and spiritual growth after a 10 day adventure in Peru. Gayle Lawrence
- Journeys of Discovery, helped our church tremendously in every phase including promoting, marketing, public announcements and meetings. She was there every
step of the way leaving room for us to hold the vision and get to know our group. There are many travel tour companies but only a handful of spiritual directors of
amazing adventures. Gayle is a director of amazing adventures! We all returned as greater people with 30 something new friends.

Pam - Michigan August 2006
Namaste', Gayle!
It would be impossible to put into mere words just what this trip to Peru helped me to accomplish. I had set an intention at the beginning of the year to take a major
vacation without any familiar people along with me; I had no idea at that time that I'd be going to Peru! The women on the trip were some of the most warm, generous
and caring people I've ever met, as was our Shaman guide, Jorge Luis. I returned from Peru as a woman inspired to begin to trust the world again, to get back into
physical shape, and believing more than ever that our individual spiritual paths are blessedly helped along if we are willing to open up to others and learn from them. I
was affected by the aura and spirituality of the Andes and the gentle Peruvian people; it was such an affirmation of the best in humanity and nature. Thank you for
offering this kind of travel experience; I hope to go on more of your trips in the future!
Love and Blessings,
    Peru Daily Itinerary

Itinerary: Pre-tour arrival – Thursday May 07, 2020
The tour begins the morning of May 8 Friday from Lima, Peru. There are overnight flights from most cities, departing on May 7 and
arriving in Lima around 5:30 AM on May 8. You should plan to arrive in Lima no later than 6 AM on May 8 to connect with the group
flight to Cusco. If you choose to arrive in Lima on May 7, you will overnight at the airport Wyndam Ramada Costa del Sol and meet the
group the morning of May 8 for the flight to Cusco.  (Additional cost)  
  Link Ramada Costa del Sol Airport

Day 1: Tour Begins: Friday May 8, 2020  Lima / Cusco / Sacred Valley  B,L,D
    Arrive no later than 6 am at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima. You will be met by
    a local agent and escorted to the domestic terminal for our group flight to Cusco, Peru.
    Our guide will meet us and then we begin a scenic drive to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
    This will be a slow and relaxing day giving us time to acclimate to the higher altitude and
    adjust to our Andean Mountain surroundings.  We will stop at Ccochahuasi Animal
    Sanctuary for a ceremony to connect with the life-force of the Sacred Animals of Peru and
    the Nature Spirits of the Andes. We will be introduced to the Puma, the animal messenger
    of the physical world and sit side by side with the magnificent Andean Condor, the Sacred
    Bird of Peru and messenger of the spiritual plane. After lunch at our hotel, we will have a
    group orientation and Welcome Ceremony with Jenniffer, and Gayle. Romulo will lead us in
    ceremony to ask for a blessing from the Apus – Spirits of the Andes to watch over us on
    our Sacred  journey.  

    Link Taypikala Hotel Sacred Valley  “5 Star” Taypikala Valle Sagrado Hotel  located on
    the Urubamba River surrounded by the Andes, with swimming pool, beautiful restaurant,
    gardens, a labyrinth and peaceful paths with flowers and hummingbirds. The hotel has
    areas for meditation, yoga and relaxation where guests can nourish their Soul with positive

    Day 2: Saturday May 9   Sacred Valley Ollantaytambo   B,L,D
    This morning we visit the original Incan town of Ollantaytambo (City of Dawn) with ancient
    stone streets and original aqueducts. We explore the main altar with its gigantic pink
    stones, the Temple of the Sun, Sanctuary of the Wind and Condor Temple. After lunch we
    will visit the Pisak market and meet some of Gayle’s personal Peruvian friends for beautiful
    handmade art, paintings, sculptures, tapestry and mystical jewelry.  After dinner Romulo
    will lead us in an outdoor fire ceremony where we release to the fire what no longer serves
    us in our life.   Taypikala Valle Sagrado

Day 3: Sunday May 10  Sacred Valley  Maras, Moray and Chinchero   B,L,D

    Today we travel to the high Andes and the colorful market of Chinchero where the
    traditionally dressed campesinos come to barter and sell their woven goods, wall
    hangings, rugs, pottery and produce. We’ll visit a weaving cooperative where native
    women demonstrate the process of dyeing alpaca and llama wool using natural and
    organic vegetables and minerals as the Quechuas did hundreds of years ago. We will
    also explore the ancient city of Chincero which was occupied by the Wari culture well
    before the Inca’s. Observe the remains of shrines and rock sculptures of puma’s and
    the wall with large trapezoidal niches big enough to stand up inside of them.

After a picnic lunch, we visit the Earth Temple of Moray, a mysterious Inca site off the usual tourist trail. Circular concentric terracing,
which looks like a huge amphitheater forms a huge bowl.  Stone stairs built into the terrace walls allowed the locals to go down into the
center and the energy here will move us back into our own heart center. Close by are the ancient salt mines of Maras which we will see
before we return to the hotel for dinner. Taypikala Valle Sagrado

Day 4: Monday  May 11  Sacred Valley, train to Aguas Calientes and overnight   B,L,D
    Enjoy a relaxing morning and personal time to enjoy the hotel grounds, pool, do some
    journaling or have a massage. Late morning Quero Elders will visit us and offer a Despacho
    ceremony to prepare us for our visit to Machu Picchu the next day. After lunch we will transfer to
    the Ollanta Station to board the Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes, the nearest town to Machu
    Picchu. Following a scenic journey through dramatic Andean landscapes, arrive at the station and
    check into our hotel. After dinner Romulo will escort us and explore the small town of Aguas
    Calientes alive with music and small shops.

    *Luggage: Pack a small overnight bag, weighing no more than 11 lbs. due to luggage
    restrictions aboard the train to Machu Picchu. Leave the remainder of your luggage in your room
    at Taypikala Hotel. Overnight. Casa Andina Machu Picchu

Day 5: Tuesday May 12   Machu Picchu / train to Sacred Valley      B,L,D
Today is the highlight of our sacred journey as Romulo will introduce us to Machu Picchu. After an early breakfast we board the bus
which takes us up the mountain to the Crystal City in the Clouds, Machu Picchu. We will visit the main power spots and temples of the
Sacred Crystal City; the Main Altar, Temple of the Three Windows, the Intiwatana / Hitching Post of the Sun, Sacred Sun Temple, the
Pachamama Stone and Death Stone as Machu Picchu shares some of her secrets with us.  We will enjoy a delicious lunch at the
Sanctuary Lodge and then have the afternoon to wander and explore Machu Picchu on your own or with Romulo.  After the Magic Machu
Picchu has shared with us. Take the bus down the mountain and board the train to the Sacred Valley. Taypikala Valle Sagrado Hotel.

    Day 6: Wednesday May 13     Sacred Valley / Cusco      B,L,D
    This morning we depart for Cusco and stop at Urco, an ancient circular building constructed as a
    solar observatory with windows marking the winter solstice. Here we see the symbol of the
    Chakana, the Andean Cross in the stonework. We will spend some time here and Romulo will
    offer a ceremony of “Invocation" to the 3 coca leaves representing Munay-Love, Work-Llamakay
    and Wisdom-Yachay. Arrving in Cusco we have lunch and then a walking tour. We will visit the
    Korichanca, the centerpiece of a vast astronomical observatory primarily dedicated to Viracocha,
    the creator god, and Inti, the Sun god. Magnificent stonework shrines honors the Moon, Venus,
    the Pleiades and various weather deities.  Evening group discussion time to share our
    experiences of the past few days. Los Portales Hotel

    Day 7: Thursday  May 14      Cusco      B,L      
    Today is a full day tour of the main Incan sacred sites around Cusco. We will visit Q’enqo filled
    with intricate carvings of entities and winding underground passageways. At Tambo Machay we
    connect with the sacred water element, Uma. After a picnic lunch we visit the huge ceremonial
    center of Sacsayhuaman marked by the huge stone paw of the Puma and the Temple of
    Lightening. We explore this amazing site with Romulo and then wander on our own and feel the
    energy of this sacred place. Enjoy inner on your own at one of the many restaurants near the
    main plaza.   Los Portales Hotel

    Day 8: Friday  May 15   Cusco     B,L,D
    Today we visit a very special and magical place, the water temple of Tipon for our closing
    ceremony. We will imagine the water flowing through our veins and into our heart, moving us
    forward to continue this flow in our own life. In this quiet peaceful energy, Romulo will share a
    water ceremony to close the spiritual portal of our journey with a blessing to everyone in the
    group. The afternoon is yours to explore more of Cusco, shop, or relax on the Plaza de Armas
    and do some people watching.  Farewell Dinner at Tunupa Restaurant and music show.
    Overnight: Los Portales Hotel Cusco

Day 9: Saturday May 16        Cusco / Lima       B
Enjoy your final morning in Cusco, sleep in or spend more time exploring this fascinating city. Enjoy lunch on your own before our late
afternoon transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima. Several airlines offer evening departures from Lima at 10:10 pm or later arriving
USA the morning of May 17. You may choose to overnight in Lima for a morning flight home on May 17 (additional cost).  

    Tour Cost PP: $3,692.00 paid by check - based on a minimum of 10 guests in double room
                                Private room Single Supplement: $495.00

    Price Includes:
    •        Domestic RT flights Lima-Cuzco
    •        Group Transfers arrival and departure
    •        Shaman Peruvian guide Romulo Lizarraga Valencia and private ceremonies
    •        All land transportation in modern private bus with driver
    •        8 night’s accommodation in double rooms at suggested hotels or similar
    •        Meals as noted in the tour itinerary
    •        Train tickets via Expedition and Vistadome train service to Machu Picchu
    •        Excursions and archeological site entrance fees as detailed in the program

    Not included:
    •        International airfare to Lima, Peru.
    •        Airport taxes if applicable
    •        Personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, room service etc.
    •        Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with meals.
    •        Tips for guides and drivers
    •        Trip cancellation / emergency medical travel insurance

  Print Peru Registration Form

    Gayle Lawrence
    Journeys of Discovery Travel
    Email Gayle:  

    Peru Sacred Journey Facilitators:

    Gayle Lawrence Journeys of Discovery Adventures: This is Gayle’s
    11th Sacred Journey to Peru. On her 1st spiritual journey to Peru in
    1995 after a devastating divorce, the seed was planted.  Her 2nd trip
    in 1997 nourished that seed and it grew into Journeys of Discovery,
    small group, private trips a couple of years later. Peru is Gayle’s “Soul
    Connection” which calls her to return again and again to find balance,
    clarity and connection and to share the experience with others.

    Jenniffer Weigel: Journalist, Reporter, Author of 4 books about
    spirituality, TV Anchor and Spiritual Adventurist. Jen has spent the last
    twenty years interviewing gurus, healers, doctors, mediums and
    psychics trying to “bridge the gap between the mystical and the

    Guide: Shaman Romulo Lizarraga Valencia: A Quechua Peruvian
    Indian who lived near Machu Picchu and learned the healing & spiritual
    arts of the Andes from his mother. Romulo has traveled extensively
    working with many other Shaman, Initiates and Healers and is
    recognized as a Keeper of Ancient Wisdom. He holds a post-graduate
    degree in tourism and today lectures at Universities and leads spiritual
    tours as a professional guide on the Inca Trail and to the sacred sites
    of his ancestors. He works with groups in ceremony to help heal one’s
    Soul and to create a more balanced and whole life. Romulo is co-author
    of “Journey to Machu Picchu, Spiritual Wisdom of the Andes”.

Healing, Wholeness and Wisdom Sacred Journey
Peru calls to those ready for a spiritual awakening. We journey to Peru to understand the message of the heart, return to wholeness
and open to the wisdom of Pachamama Mother Earth; for she is inside us and we are inside her. In this mystical land deep inner
knowledge awakens as you are surrounded by the energy of the Apus - Spirits of the Andes, beautiful valleys, rivers, ancient
energetic sites, and the gentle hearts of the Peruvian people. In Machu Picchu you can hear the voices of the ancient ones in the wind.
On this journey we will hear traditional teachings, participate in ceremonies, and undertake powerful healing and energy work. Of
course we will enjoy delicious healthy food, lovely accommodations, retail therapy shopping for local treasurers and simply have fun!
Say yes to a journey to Peru and you will discover, the Magic begins before you arrive!