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   Join Gayle Lawrence and Susan Duval as we expand our Hearts, Souls and Spirits

on a magical adventure to the American Southwest and the Navajo culture. Exploring these mystical places takes you deep into that inner
landscape that affirms we are all part of something much greater than ourselves. The expansive vistas from atop a mesa that appear to stretch
to the edge of the earth take us back to a time when living on the land was the Ancient Anasazi peoples way of life. The Navajo Nation covers
over 27,000 square miles of unparalleled beauty, is home to more than a dozen national monuments, tribal parks, historical sites, and is
peppered with lakes and ponds.  The Navajo people, or Diné, relate to the land as their mother and believe they're an extension of Mother Earth
and a part of her beauty. Because of this belief, the Diné treat the land with the utmost respect. We will be captivated by the Navajo stories of
creation, the animals as spirit messengers and their reverence and deep personal bond with all life.

    Millions of geological years unfold as your eye follows a canyon wall downwards and the howl of a coyote
    confirms you are in a sacred place alive with the Spirits of the Ancestors. Navajo guides will help interpret
    petroglyphs, ancient messages left in stone and the true history of the American Indian culture which is
    very different than traditional history books tell us. Mystical beauty, fantastical rock formations, adventure
    and exploring an ancient way of life in the great houses of remote Chaco Canyon, the cliff dwellings at
    Mesa Verde and the magical natural beauty of Canyon de Chelly will surely have you falling in love with the
    land of the Navajo Nation and her people. Join Gayle and Susan for a spiritual odyssey in the American
    Tour Itinerary:     

May 1, 2018:    Arrive in Durango, CO and transfer on your own to Strater Hotel / check in.
Where Old West meets Southwest, Downtown Durango is a Nationally Registered Historic District and home to historic boutique
hotels, award winning restaurants, fabulous art galleries, museums, and shops.

Strater Hotel: one of the West’s iconic hotels and a prominent downtown Durango landmark deep in the heart of the San Juan
Mountains where mineral hot springs abound. The hotel is adorned with beautiful handcrafted woodwork, period wallpaper and
American Victorian walnut antiques which are used to decorate the hotel and guestrooms.

Day 2: May 2     Depart Durango, CO for Canyon De Chelly, AZ  (4 Hours)
After an early breakfast, we’ll board our private bus and depart for Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, Arizona. We arrive at the
Thunderbird Lodge late morning and enjoy lunch. Our adventure begins in Canyon de Chelly as we explore the North and South
rims of the canyon, offering stunning views of the canyon floor. We return to Thunderbird Lodge mid-afternoon and you are free
to enjoy optional activities such as a horseback ride into the canyon, hiking or exploring museums and other nearby attractions.
After dinner at Thunderbird, we will spend time with a local Navajo couple as they share stories about their culture and spiritual
beliefs and lead us in a Navajo blessing ceremony. Overnight Thunderbird Lodge   Meals B, L, D

Thunderbird Lodge Canyon de Chelly is operated by the Navajo Nation:
Yá’át’ééh, we are privileged to welcome you to a sacred place for our people, the Diné. As Navajo we believe that our people
journeyed through three worlds in various forms before emerging from Mother Earth into this world, the Sparkling World.

Canyon de Chelly: Nowhere in Navajo land is the blend of past tradition and present culture more evident than at Canyon de
Chelly National Monument. The Navajo people still have a mystical bond to this red stone canyon that cuts an almost tropical
path of trees and flowers through the desert. Canyon de Chelly is home to several periods of Indian culture dating from 350 A.
D. to 1300 A.D., and the 26-mile canyon's sheer cliffs range from 30 ft to more than 1,000 ft, providing a spectacular backdrop
for hundreds of Anasazi ruins, ancient petroglyphs as well as modern Navajo homes and farms. We will visit the canyon's many
world-famous sites, including Spider Rock, White House Ruins and Canyon del Muerto.

Day 3: May 3      Full Day Tour of Canyon de Chelly with Navajo guide
Today is full of adventure as we explore the floor of the canyon with our Navajo guide who will share his knowledge of the
Navajo ancient ways and beliefs. The sheer beauty of this remarkable place is humbling and overwhelming. Our guide will make
some stops for quiet reflection to absorb the energy of this sacred space and connect with the Spirits of the Ancestors who still
watch over their ancient homeland. Then we will enjoy a tasty picnic lunch at a lovely spot in the canyon. After a full day of
exploring amazing ruins, non-stop stunning views of natural beauty and feeling the energetic presence of the Ancient Ones, we
return to Thunderbird Lodge for dinner and a relaxing evening of discussion and star-gazing. Meals: B, L, D

Day 4: May 4     Drive from Canyon de Chelly to Farmington, NM
Another day of discovery and adventure waits as we depart for Farmington, NM making stops along our way at some other
world famous places within the Navajo Nation. Part of any unique travel adventure has to be shopping for unique artisan crafts
and treasures and our first stop will be the Hubbell Trading Post about an hour away. Then on to Window Rock, Spider Rock and
the Salmon Ruins Pueblo and Museum.

Hubbell Trading Post: Began in 1876 and is the oldest continuously run trading post in the Navajo Nation.
The Site’s beauty is derived not from its rather drab exterior but from its remarkable traded goods and wares. Artists and
weavers come from all over to sell and trade their crafts for household items, groceries and cash.

    Window Rock Tribal Park and Veterans Memorial: Window Rock is the
    capital of the Navajo nation and this small park near the Navajo
    Administration Center features the graceful red sandstone arch for which the
    capital is named – Window Rock. Here the Navajo built a memorial to the
    famous Navajo Code Talkers who used their language to provide
    unbreakable radio communications during WW2. They exemplify the
    unequaled bravery and patriotism of the Navajo people as depicted in the
    2002 film “Windtalkers”.

    We hope to have a meditation at the site with a local Navajo guide to honor
    and show our respect to these brave men and their service to our country.  
    Lunch in Window Rock.  We will also visit the giant monolith, Shiprock, which
    rises over 7,000 ft into the heavens. This huge stone tower is a sacred place
    to the Navajo.

Salmon Ruins Pueblo and Museum: a 2.5 hr drive takes us to our final stop at this ancient Chacoan Pueblo site in the
northwest corner of New Mexico; situated on the bank of the San Juan River. It hosts an elevated tower kiva in its central
portion and a great kiva in its plaza.  A 20 minute drive takes us to our hotel in Farmington, NM where we check in and then
enjoy a great dinner at one of the best restaurants in Farmington.  Overnight Fairfield Inn       Meals: B, L, D

    Day 5: May 5    Full day tour Explore Chaco Canyon
    After breakfast we head out for a full day to explore the very mystical and
    remote Chaco Canyon. Chaco Canyon, is the largest excavated prehistoric
    ruins in North America and was the center of the ancestral Puebloan culture
    from AD 850 to 1200.  Ancient sites within the park include Chacoan great
    houses, kivas, rock art and stunning vistas . The geometric layout of
    structures captivates visitors from around the world. Getting to Chaco is part
    of the adventure as the dirt entry road off the highway is a bumpy
    washboard ride. The remote location of Chaco adds to the mystical beauty
    and adventure of visiting this National Tribal Park. Picnic lunch in Chaco
    Canyon   Overnight Farmington  Meals: B, L, D

    Day 6: May 6    AM Visit to Aztec Ruins NM / Drive to Mesa
    Verde, CO
    Before heading west for a 2 hour drive to Mesa Verde, Colorado we’ll visit the
    Aztec Ruins National Monument just outside of Farmington. Here we find a
    monumental great house, 3 stories high and longer than a football field, with
    perhaps 500 rooms including a ceremonial great kiva over 41 feet in
    diameter. A short trail winds through this massive site offering a surprisingly
    intimate experience. Along the way we discover roofs built 880 years ago,
    original plaster walls, a reed mat left by the inhabitants, intriguing T shaped
    doorways, provocative north-facing corner doors, and more. The trail
    culminates with the reconstructed great kiva which we are allowed to enter.
    The kiva inspires contemplation, wonder, and an ancient sense of sacredness.

We continue to Mesa Verde, CO and the Far View Lodge located within the park boundaries and enjoy lunch. We spend the
afternoon exploring this other-worldly site which offers much more than a piece of history, nature and beauty. This peaceful
place lends a tranquil atmosphere and deeper connection with each other and the powerful majesty of Mother Earth. Mesa Top
Loop Road winds past archaeological sites and overlooks, including Sun Point Overlook with panoramic canyon views.
Petroglyph Point Trail has rock carvings and the Cliff Palace Loop Road takes us past Cliff Palace, Balcony House, and overlooks
to other cliff dwellings.

Know Before You Go:  Getting into a cliff dwelling can be strenuous and they are at 7,000 feet elevation. Please consider
your physical health before hiking or going on tours. Trails are steep and uneven, with steps and ladders. Visiting cliff dwellings
or hiking is not recommended for those with mobility issues, fear of heights, heart or respiratory problems. During our tour,
those who choose “not” to hike, climb ladders etc. to enter a cliff dwelling will have the option to view these sites on the
overlooks on a vehicle driven tour.

Cliff Palace: The largest cliff dwellings, is viewed as one of the top ten places to visit in a lifetime and has over 150 individual
rooms and more than 20 kivas for spiritual rituals. This one-hour, ranger-guided tour involves climbing five, 8-10 foot ladders, on
a 100 foot vertical climb. Walking distance is about 1/4-mile round-trip

    Video of Cliff Palace

"Spirits of the Southwest"
May 1 - 7, 2018      Tour Cost: $2,499.00
With Gayle Lawrence
and Susan Duval
Canyon de Chelly, AZ / Chaco Canyon NM / Mesa Verde CO
and other Native American Sites in the Four Corners area
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Balcony House: The tunnel, passageways, and 32-foot entrance ladder make this the most adventurous cliff dwelling site to
explore in the park. This ranger-guided tour involves climbing a 32-foot ladder, crawling through a 12-foot tunnel, and climbing
up a 60-foot open rock face with two 10-foot ladders to exit the site.

We return to Far View Lodge for our farewell dinner in the Metate Room. After dinner, those who are eager to spend more
time in this sacred place can explore more of Mesa Verde with our guide. Or enjoy your last evening relaxing on the balcony at
sunset, awed by the natural beauty surrounding you.

    Far View Lodge: The Far View Lodge is a peaceful retreat that sits on a
    high shoulder of the mesa. This is the perfect place to sit outdoors on
    peaceful evenings and watch the sunset or hawks circling a darkening sky.
    The lodge is located 15 miles inside Mesa Verde National Park, at 8200 feet
    elevation. The road to the lodge is a series of switchbacks through lush
    valleys and canyons displaying spectacular views and photo opportunities
    of snowcapped peaks and wildlife. Purposely the lodge does not have in
    room televisions or phones to preserve the tranquility of this natural
    setting. All rooms have balconies with views into three states and
    awesome stargazing opportunities.  Meals: B, L, D

Day 7: May 7 2018 Transfer from Mesa Verde to Durango, CO (1 Hour)
If you are an early riser, enjoy breakfast as you watch a beautiful sunrise over Mesa Verde.  Early morning there will be some
time for a final adventure with our guide visiting other sites before we must say farewell and depart for Durango. Flight
reservations home should not be booked until the afternoon.        Meals: Breakfast

       Spirits of the Southwest Tour Cost:  
    $2,499.00 Per Person
    Based on 12 guests in double room  /    Single Supplement $425.00

    What’s Included:

            Professional Tour Guide escort
            Modern, air-conditioned private bus
            6 Night’s accommodations at noted lodges and hotels
            6 Breakfasts
            5 Lunches
            5 Dinners
            Full Day Tour of Canyon de Chelly with private Navajo guide /  Lunch Included
            Bottled Water on the bus
            All National Park Entrance Fees and tours as noted in the itinerary
            Special arrangements for ceremony and meditation time with local Navajo
            Applicable Taxes and Fees

    What’s Not Included:

            Airfare to Durango, CO / transfer from airport to Strater Hotel upon arrival
            Tips and gratuities to tour group escort
            Tips to individual tour guides at specific National Parks
            Anything not specifically noted in the tour itinerary
            Alcoholic beverages

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     Journeys of Discovery Travel
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