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I’d been here many times before, yet each time I return to this timeless Crystal City in the Clouds, I feel I am being
transported into another realm of reality and dimensions beyond my normal everyday waking world. I found myself
returning yet again, too one of the most mystical places on the planet, the ancient sacred site of Machu Picchu,
perched high on a mountaintop in the Andes of Peru.

I was up early for sunrise before the main throng of tourists arrived on the train
from Cuzco. Early morning often finds the peaks of Machu Picchu still wrapped in
clouds and you feel like you are wandering in an ethereal fairy-tale land with
ancient stone temples peeking out through the foggy mist.

I had found a comfy spot to sit and meditate. The stones at Machu Picchu are
composed of 40% quartz crystal; this pure energy makes meditation here easy!
Almost instantly my mind was empty, free and floating, it was blissful.
Until, in my mind, I heard a voice say, “Please come”. It kept repeating this phrase and I ignored it, thinking it was
my own inner chatter, but it continued, becoming louder and more insistent.  Suddenly I had the awareness it was
a stone speaking to me! My eyes popped open and my gaze was drawn to the huge circular Sun Temple across the
plaza and I knew that it was the immense Sacred altar Stone inside that was calling to me. Whoa, now this is
heady stuff, stones calling me, I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone!

As I made my way across the plaza I felt invisibly pulled toward the Sun Temple. In the past you could go into the
Sun Temple and touch the Sacred Stone. But now you could not get near it, a gate blocked the passageway. Now
the only way to see the giant altar stone was from a level above the Sun Temple where you could gaze down upon
    I felt such a connection with this stone and although I could not actually
    touch it I extended my arms, palm’s toward the stone to connect with it
    energetically. It was an extremely powerful moment and brought instant
    tears to my eyes. I didn’t understand what this emotion was about, but I
    would find out later that night.

    Our guide had made special arrangements for our group to have a night time
    ceremony in Machu Picchu. The aura is totally different at night after the
    tourists have left; ancient energies seem to be walking about in the
    moonlight. I was not aware that this would be my last opportunity to
    experience Machu Picchu at night as the Peruvian government now prohibits
    night time visits.

As we entered the city that night we chose a spot beside the Sun Temple to have our ceremony and meditation. I
was feeling a little off-balance, the energy was high. As Jorge offered a prayer and invoked the Apus and Spirits of
Machu Picchu, I heard the voice again very clearly. There was no mistaking what was being said, the ancient stone
was asking that we come to him, not just me, but the entire group! The voice was pleading and had an
unmistakable urgency to it.

I told Jorge what I had experienced and that we must go to the stone. He was unsure, concerned about the gate
blocking our path and without hesitation I said, we just climb over it, we must go. Jorge did not question me at this
point and I announced to the group that we were going into the Sun Temple. Somewhat surprised but without
hesitation, they followed me one by one and climbed over the gate. As I walked down the passageway it felt as if
the stone had taken my hand, pulling me forward.

As we gathered around I intuitively knew that everyone should sit on the Sacred Stone with both palms touching it.
Jorge offered a prayer to the Sun God and this magical place and I laid down, my whole body in contact with the
stone. Within seconds I was sobbing, deeply touched by the message and emotion that I felt coming from the

With tears flowing and my words broken by great sobs of emotion, I shared what
I had just experienced. From this ancient Sacred Stone I felt such a deep sense of
abandonment and loneliness, he hungered for human touch. They had isolated him
and blocked him from all contact; he felt he could no longer share his love and energy
with the people who visited Machu Picchu. He had recognized my spirit from years past
and knew that I would come and bring others to visit him once again. Several others
began to cry as they felt the truth of this message. Haven’t we all felt isolated, cut off
from others? We all touched and honored this incredible Stone Being, infusing him with
all of the love from our hearts. I began to feel the sadness lift and a sense of gratitude
and joy filled me. He knew that he was not forgotten and even though we would not be
able to physically touch him everyday, he would live inside each of our hearts, eternally
surrounded by love. I know he is happy, I still feel his joy.

Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is consciousness in all things. From the tiniest insect to an
enormous ancient sacred stone. I am connected to it all, Heart to Heart, by the universal language of Love.  
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