Captain Tom Conlin of Aquatic Adventures, who I have personally worked with for the past 10 years, will be our
naturalist guide for our 2017 Silver Bank trip. Tom is a veteran on the Silver Bank, a leading expert in the field of
whale behavior and soft-in-water encounters, tour operator, naturalist, licensed 1,600 Ton U.S.C.G. Master Pilot,
Master Diver Trainer, and professional photographer. Tom has a 6th sense about these magnificent cetaceans and
was the first naturalist to work with researchers in the Silver Bank 25 years ago. Tom has been the host to National
Geographic over the years to photograph and video humpback whales in the Silver Bank.

The video below is an interview with Tom and National Geographic's Boyd Matson
~ Turn Your Speakers On ~

When we arrive in the Silver Bank and anchor our live-aboard, Tom will give an orientation about
our encounters with the whales and what he has learned about them over the years.

This video will give you an idea of the proper human protocol for our encounters with the whales.
In my 9 trips to Silver Bank, the whales never fail to surprise, inspire and give me the most
magical experiences that go beyond words....this is an adventure of the Soul.

Gail and Doug Cheeseman are professional wildlife photographers who have been bringing groups
to Silver Bank with Tom for many years. Their week is a focused photographic workshop with the whales.
This lovely professional quality video by Huang-Boucher Productions taken on their Feb. 2015 week is restricted
content so I could not post it on this page. But click the link below and watch on YouTube.

This will give you a  great over-view of what a typical day is like out with the whales,
the tenders and our live-aboard for the week.

Of all the videos I've seen over the years in Silver Bank with the humpbacks,
the one below touches my heart every time I watch it and brings tears to my eyes.
I've had this experience many times; silently floating in the water, mesmerized by the
exquisite ballet happening before my eyes. These encounters always feel as if the whales are consciously
giving this gift of themselves. This beautiful Divine Dance of peace and perfect harmony....then with a
slow and gentle movement they gracefully swim away...I am forever humbled by these magnificent beings.

Enjoy! See you in Silver Bank Jan. 2017
What it's like to swim with
humpback whales in the Silver Bank?
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